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Midnight Arrival

Author: colonelconsequences
Released: 2013-02-16
Score: 90
Featuring: 1.4+, EDuke32
Mode: SP
Review: Midnight Arrival


Munasta Part 1

Author: Phoenix
Released: 2004-02-16
Score: 91
Featuring: 1.3
Mode: SP
Review: Munasta Part 1

Hall of Fame

We here at CGS want to let the limelight shine on some of the best rated Duke Nukem 3D maps in our repository. The top 9 rated maps is having their own gallery!

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Mapper of the Month

Welcome to our little "Hall of Fame" for the chosen ones in the "Mapper of the Month" series.

The content of the pages herein would be a brief overview of some of the maps made by the Mapper of the Month. Also an interview with the mapper in those cases where we have been able to reach the author.

Damn! I'm looking good.

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