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Started by Micky C, 06 December 2012, 12:40:34

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Okay, so what exactly is wrong with the layout/progression? For dark, claustrophobic maps I was rarely lost, and the maps weren't pipe-like rollercoaster rides either.

QuoteMaybe immersion is the problem. Then again, if a game can't be good on the gameplay alone, it still isn't worth playing.

Okay, this is a fundamental disagreement then. STALKER sucks in terms of gameplay but the immersion makes it worth playing through; several times. Far Cry 2 is mediocre in terms of gameplay but the jungle just keeps sucking you in. Of course, by gameplay Doom 3 doesn't come even close to sucking. The gameplay is very balanced with a good selection of guns and differently behaving monsters, many of which are truly challenging.
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Micky C

My memory's a bit fuzzy but I vaguely remember the level design being quite straightforward and even linear.

I should probably give it another chance some time, but I don't see myself having the time for it for quite a while. Plus like I said there are other games (which I know for a fact I'll enjoy as opposed to this which could go either way) I need to play first.
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To the trained eye - There are no coincidences
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Might as well throw a mention here;

50 Shades of Graytall, a community project, has been uploaded to the /idgames archive so that hopefully means a final release status. I contributed to this project taking the MAP05 slot. I'll just quote the news post from my site below;

QuoteThis Boom compatible community project, headed up by Marcaek, was started with a simple goal in mind; create a level only using the textures, graytall, fireblu1, doortrak and a single FLAT of choice. Skies and sky transfers were also allowed. After several months of development a total of 18 submissions were included. My contribution takes the MAP05 slot, titled Concrete Flagellation, offering a fairly short and simple romp – nothing too grandiose or difficult, but it does mark my first published Doom user level.

50 Shades offers a huge variety of experiences despite these self imposed limitations, managing to offer something different than the last through changes in mapping styles or direction they take gameplay. The difficulty can make some sudden spikes in later levels, especially on Ultra Violence, some even entering slaughtermap territory with their large monster counts and nail biting situations. Regardless I do recommend and hope players will take a look through what everyone pulled off using these ugly textures.


Anyone here hyped up for Doom Eternal? I know the release is quite a few months away still, but I'm excited.
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is that the one that triggered all the sjw's over some comment about demons being, 'soul challenged', or something like that, & they made invisible connections to say it was referring to illegal immigrants?

If sjw's hate it, I hope it sells a billion copies.
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Haven't played any Doom since Resurrection of Evil.
Finally had my first go on Doom (2016) today.....yeah I know, I'm slow.
But Doom was anything but slow  :o
The Resurrection of Evil was a walk in the park compared to the tempo it seems that this newer Doom is holding.
Hope I can keep up or else my bones will bleech on Martian soil forever.....
To the trained eye - There are no coincidences
The more you see - The less it makes sense
To the trained eye - There are no coincidences
If you can not see - You can not truly know