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Author Topic: Black Shadow (Released, unfinished)  (Read 1602 times)

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Black Shadow (Released, unfinished)
« on: January 04, 2013, 10:49:18 PM »

This is what was completed of a planned TC for duke3d, that got cut short because of lack of time and impending limits on the engine due to high usage of detailed voxel models.

Black Shadow is complete conversion of Duke3d, making it a melee combat, fantasy based adventure game.  It contains two massive completed maps and an unfinished castle zone after that.  There are various enemies to find and fight, from monsters to soldiers.

The basis of the story is that you play as a knight who has been banished to limbo as a shadow, where he encounters enemies of his past in shadow form.  You start deep in the Bloody Caverns, only to find yourself near the ruins of a rival queen you defeated years ago, and all her soldiers are after you, be they humanoid or mere piles of shadow slime.

Contains many added features thanks to some coding help of DeeperThought, like a new interface, experience and leveling, coins, boxing fists, sword and bow, shield(not placed in maps) entering buildings, voxel sprites galore(3d sprites, not models).  Have fun with it, mess around with it too if you like.

I don't plan on continuing it, so I've just put all the resources and info in the zip, so its 90mb.

The only thing missing is the duke3d.grp from the build\ folder, and use blackshadow.bat to run.

It even includes the raw models pre-voxel and all the tools needed(except sculptris)

So if anyone feels compeled to play around with it and create other maps or contents with the resources just for fun, post the screenshots.

Otherwise I'm focusing my attention on Project: OCD, since it fits into my schedule and seems feasible to be completed solo.

But mostly I'd like to see what you think of the general atmosphere and game play.

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Re: Black Shadow (Released, unfinished)
« Reply #1 on: January 05, 2013, 01:20:51 AM »

looks interesting. i might have to make time to play this some day. I'll give you feedback, but don't expect anything anytime soon. kinda too busy for a big project like this atm

(i edited your post to fix your links)
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