What do you want to build for the CBP?

Started by Micky C, 12 February 2013, 12:14:59

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Harmonically distorted....


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High Treason

Because of engine limitations. Try placing two different ones in, it won't work.
[glow=black,2,300]sprite[].sectnum -1[/glow]


Oh yes, it will.
Open Afterglow; Twin Creeks and have a look at the skies throughout the level  ;)

There is different parallaxed sky textures and also with different shading.
I wanted to give the player the impression that the journey takes half a day.

The beginning is early afternoon with a blue/cloudy sky.
The mid section ( wasteland, gas station area) is late afternoon with a few raindrops.
The ending ( power plant area) is evening.
Harmonically distorted....

Micky C

Hahaha. High Treason, the sky limitation only exists in polymer because Plagman hasn't added that functionality yet. Both classic and polymost are fine  ;D

We'll just tell people that the map is not recommended for polymer (ironic because CBP 8 was designed especially for polymer), and to use it at their own risk.
Problems with polymer would include:
>Low framerate.
>Ugly draw distance cutting away the map.
>Some skies to not display properly ruining the mood and contrast.

We can't stop people playing this way if they want, but at least they'll know they're missing out.

Btw, I originally said the second map ought to be set at night to try and compromise with the polymer limitation, and because you and Drek both seemed to be going for dark moody areas. However Henri is building his tower during the day, and unlike Vegas in DNF daytime looks best, so let's not compromise our creativity for an unfinished renderer afterall.
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