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Well, I know it's not as important as ck3D's latest epic, but hey, since LORCH is going to be a series of city maps, I thought it would be nice if all maps connected with each other  will be in one topic, why not?

Shots of the second LORCH:
Some of you is already saw this screenshot of part of the street that's not completed:

It's being said that the first map was a Roch-like thing, and someone is also said that this particular shot reminds of of the early Roch maps. I will not hide the fact that I started doing this all after playing Pascal's maps, and this new shot is definitely remind you about something.

Looks good, just be sure not to overdo the roch worship and add your own twists to it. We all know what happended to Dogville. ;)


--- Quote from: Merlijn on May 24, 2013, 01:38:07 PM ---Looks good, just be sure not to overdo the roch worship and add your own twists to it. ;)

--- End quote ---
Thanks, I'll try. ;)
The map is almost ready - there's only some polishing remains. If time permitting I think it will be released in next one-two weeks.

I think it's ready for soon release, but I need at least one beta tester to play in it (you know I'm very bad at weapons). Anyone?

it might take a couple days to get back to you with a good amount of feedback, but you can toss it my direction for testing if you want

edit: i'm going on vacation this coming up sunday and will be gone for a few weeks. if you think this beta-testing process is going to take more than a few days and you want consistent feedback, i won't be hurt if you pass me up for someone else who has the time to work with you from start to finish


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