Half-Life 3

Started by Puritan, 02 October 2013, 14:52:16

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Looks like Valve is up to something.
I'll bet a case of premium beer that HL3 will be for their new SteamMachine.

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There's also that Jira leakage that showed the people actually WORKING on the game.


In UGC tool for DOTA 2 file "model_editor.dll" there is a preference to : "Preferences physics_testbed.exe -game hl3.exe -open"...... :D
Harmonically distorted....

Micky C

So is it pretty safe to say that they are working on Half Life 3? Even if it's only messing around with stuff at this stage?
Wall whore.


Accept it, HL3 3 will not be released. Gabe have a lot of money from Steam, and the release of the game of such a scale will only detract him from the counting of all that  Steam-earned dough. Especially Half-Life 3, if it will be released, will be disappointing - too high degree of expectations from the people, no matter what happened, people dreamed about completely different game.
Right, Gabe? Gabe? :(


Imagine if Half-Life 3 would be built upon Unreal Engine 5
What would it look like?

Short sample video
Harmonically distorted....


Look very interesting, and i'll probably freak out if it was actually real...but realistic graphics looks kinda bland imo  ;D