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Started by Micky C, 22 December 2013, 00:26:06

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Micky C

Quote from: methy on  21 December 2013, 21:48:40
Also [ACB Studios] doesn''t require eduke32 either, it works in jonof and megaton too, just not in vanilla, but [review pages on this site] probably says that for every map in that case
Yeah that's a good point; all these years if a map used the expanded limits it is said to require eduke32, but now that eduke32 is no longer the solely used expanded limit port, and that some eduke32 maps (e.g polymer, TROR, mods) specifically require eduke32, this could cause some retroactive confusion.
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Eduke32 has never been the only port with extended limits. JonofDuke and Proasm also had extended limits, i think it even dates from Eduke (a dos enhaced "port").

Micky C

Yeah but for the last 6,7 years has anyone really used JFDuke3D or any other expanded limit port over eduke32?
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I'm sure people have used JonoF & Proasm over the last few years, but the users dropped off when those ports were no longer maintained and updated. Eduke32 has been the primary port for quite a few years now. I don't think anybody was predicting a comeback so the standard was set to refer to eduke32 as required when maps exceed the original limits.
To me it's just splitting hairs over the term used when referring to maps requiring a newer port, but i'm not the one you have to convince that megaton is going to be popular enough to require differentiating between the two. Even the JFCBPs are marked as requiring eduke32, and the template says either port is satisfactory for playing.
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Anyone else playing Duke on a different device? Im playing on my old nokia E71 symbian phone, with the JFDuke Port, and just so you know it can load; voxels, user maps, custom cons, custom art and mods. I've played the Starship Troopers TC on a Phone.