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Project: Ares is the new working title of Mars Base episode, these maps are ancestors to three long-lost maps I made around '98 with a similar theme, being heavily influenced by Robert Travis' Moonbase BETA TWO map. This new form of the campaign has been slow going, but I still have a great deal of concept ideas for future levels, so I will post any major updates in this thread.

To make up for lost time, here's a bunch of screens from the first half of map02

CURRENT STATUS - 50% complete more updates soon :)

My mouth is watering  ;)

High Treason:
Some of those, the med-lab especially, remind me of Dark Forces - though with higher detail level of course. Good, if I get time when this is released I shall definitely be trying it out.

Micky C:
When I saw the first shot I was like "meh", but the more I looked down the more I liked it. Looking forward to release!

Puritan: Is a good sign! :D

Treason: I saw your post in 'other games' about your LP of Dark Forces, made me smile ;D That game in particular is huge inspiration for these maps, I was blown away as a kid how expansive the levels in DF were compared to Doom etc... I'm using the old .art files that contain Dark Forces textures as I'm sure you can see, and I've also tried to adopt a similar design idea... angled walls make anything look futuristic lol

Micky C: hahaha  ;D oh and the word 'meh' reminded me that I've tried to secretly put the letter M in the levels in secret ways, like that first screen for example :D


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