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Started by Forge, 13 September 2014, 22:22:16

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Talk about your favorite DM maps.
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Not so many play DukeMatch these days but there are a few.
Added a map today by James Duncan. He's most known for many excellent single player maps but he also released a few DM maps.
"Duke Match Centre" is a very good looking map set around a recreation centre.
Think this would be a cool place to kick your buddies ass!

Have a look for yourself

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To the trained eye - There are no coincidences
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making new 2021 duke DM maps. HALO theme maps.
duke it out in halo atmosphere, wheres my beer!?

all can be seen and played on STEAM DN3D megaton and DN3D 20th WORLD TOUR
more DM maps coming soon, for a possible DN3D tournament in the works coming up.

i need another beer, wheres my beer