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Captain Massive:
I found my new project name and theme Reservoir Hogs, but don't expect anything until late march.

Think Contract J.A.C.K. but with Duke Nukem. Chicago style.

I'm taking it slow this time, the last map almost killed me.

Captain Massive:

I do have a beautiful wife and family to take care of so my mapping takes 2nd chair.

Captain Massive:
Its clear to me now poeple don't want fancy effects so I'm going for clean combat.

I'll do a few tricks here and then and even easier secrets (if thats even possible).

And I hate doing monster placement because they all act mental.

and intense shading is not my fortier.

But I set the bar high so I'm going for it.


who are you talking about?
If you're referring to the Duke4 replies; nitpicking and constructive criticism is to be expected
- even the absolutely best user maps made have detractors pointing out what's 'wrong' with them.

from what i'm reading, most everyone likes it; i think you might be coming across as a bit oversensitive to the minor criticisms. Just be glad people are playing it, enjoying it for the most part, and are taking the time to comment on their experience.

as for the douchebags not knowing what it takes; you're dealing with a community that is made up almost exclusively of mappers and coders. That could be the problem, they do know what it takes all too well, and it takes alot to impress them.

Captain Massive:
When I'm asked why theres no waves under the water?

edit: 10 beers in....... made a typo terribly sorry


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