Buggy Boss of the episode 3 ???

Started by Arghantyl, 26 December 2014, 16:04:31

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Men ,i m facing a mistery here.
When i place the boss in my new level ,he shoots missiles but doesn't move a iota  :-\

I ve copied it from the original level,changed the sky, searched on the web for some clues...

Help,pls  :'(
Another day,another challenge.


I think you must tag the ground sectors where you want the boss to follow.
Can't remember correctly but I think the tag is either lotag3 or hitag3  ;)
Harmonically distorted....


You are right !  ;D

Ground sectors must be tagged with number 3,it 's an interesting quality.I can now build the last part of my level,be ready for an incoming release  ;)

Thanks again man  :)
Another day,another challenge.