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Hi all. :)
I'm working on a new space map called "Edge of Eternity". This map will have some action, but it will be more story-driven kind of map, with some cinematic music as the main mood creator. I can't tell you the plot now, but the main character of the map is not Duke Nukem, just a random astronaut. I don't think some of you may be satisfied with the finished product, because it's NOT a detail-heavy map (you can see it by pics even right now), but OMG, I think it will be my biggest map ever! No any release dates right now, but I work on it pretty fast, and I'll think I finish this map within a year.

cool. looking forward to playing this

Veteran mapper Terrell Morse (Ecw2000) will co-wrote the story with me. The progress slowed in the last months, probably because I don't know where story should go.

We got a map from unknown author (no template) called Ecw2000 on our server.
Is that the map you're reffering to?
In that case it woud be nice if you could ask Mr Morse about a template.
Then he could have the proper credits  :)


He send me this.


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