Billy boy 1-way SOS windows.

Started by Micky C, 22 June 2015, 03:50:05

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Micky C

Hi everyone.

You know those 1-way window things Billy Boy did so that you can see out of a building with a roof? I'm having trouble reproducing that. I've tried following James' guide on RTCM but that doesn't seem to work. I've also enabled script expertmode to remove any possible anti-corruption behavior mapster might be doing, still no luck. Am I doing something wrong? Can anyone else get it to work?
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How about opening "Lighthouse" in mapster?
The harbor in the beginning should be a good place to start.
Think the little house on the docks holds that particular feature.
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Micky C

James's guide includes an example map with the effect at various stages of completion including the completed version, but I just can't get it to work when I do it myself :/
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weird that you can't replicate it despite having turned the anti-corruption features off. i remember trying to replicate that trick / glitch as well a few years back (for a potential window out of one secret basement / garage in anorak city), spending hours trying to make it work and not understanding why it wouldn't, only to later realize that it actually WAS working, and it was just mapster automatically 'fixing' the glitch everytime I would switch back from 3D to 2D mode... so annoying. then when i tried using an old build (predating the implementation of the anti-corruption features - i didn't know you could always just turn them off, meaning i haven't tried that mind you so i am not sure if that is really effective) it would work... still ended up ditching the effect though. anyhow, good luck with it !