[RELEASE] Dracula's Castle

Started by James, 24 October 2016, 10:16:55

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This map was made for the Duke Spook'em add-on but I'm releasing it now as a standalone demo map - when that mod is done there'll be a different tweaked version in that. Designed in and looks best in Classic mode.

Duke Nukem gets shot down by a Science experiment gone wrong near Dracula's Castle - get in and make the bastards pay for rising your flight insurance premium yet again.

Two versions, one that works with vanilla Duke and one for Eduke32. I have tested the vanilla version in World Tour and it does work but IIRC there's no way to add art files or anything to the workshop (unless that's changed) If they fix that than I'll definitely upload it to the workshop with added lights and shit. The Eduke32 version has OGG music as well as a couple of reskinned enemies (Total Meltdown zombie pigcop and a Cthulhu Octabrain by me) so that's the more definitive version.

Vanilla version (719kb):

Eduke32 version (4mb):

Have fun and let me know what you think.

CGS review / download


Yet another good release for us to choose from.
I found it quite fun to play.
Nice layout and design.
Combat could have been tougher though....played on Come get Some but really didn't had any sweat on my forehead.
But that's just nitpicking.
Harmonically distorted....


Glad you like it :) Yeah it could do with more enemies on CGS, that's a fair point (there is more on Damn I'm Good)


I think Draculas Castle is now my favorite. Thanks!


Draculas Castle is now my favorite.