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The 4 Elements "First Release"


Gentleman of this forum let me give you something. This is my first release ever, a map or project that I have been working on since I don't even know when. This is a map based on The Fifth Element. It has simple story that is kinda a sequel to Egypt map from World Tour episode. Read the file and you'll discover the story. I hope this will motivate me for finishing other project..

And thanx to Trooper Dan and Jblade for helping me with the coding!! ;D

Link: --> http://www.mediafire.com/file/3y0gfg6vokpyv62/T4E%28DC%29.rar

CGS - review / download

Hi and congrats with your first release  :)

I'm having some issues with some of the art/models.
The new textures works fine.
The music and sound works fine.
But then.... I'm probably doing something wrong here but there's no installation tips in the template.

Hey thanx ! Hmmm the package is depended on 32bit, because the map uses allot models. There is not much to tell about the instructions. Simple put eduke32.exe and the Duke3d.grp in the t4e file and your pretty much done! Don't forget it is using 32bit ;D

Hah, works smooth as guacamole now.
Thanks man. I should have tried the 32-bit option. Didn't cross my mind at all.
Played some five minutes and it sure looks sweet  :)


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