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Author Topic: Duke Nukem 3D More Lost "Holy Grail"  (Read 447 times)

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Duke Nukem 3D More Lost "Holy Grail"
« on: August 12, 2017, 03:21:22 AM »

I am not sure this is right section to post this, but i think this is some nice research. when i combined Duke3D BETA 0.99 executable along with v1.3D resources and loaded weird user map called, i managed to got next:

As you can see from screenshots, enemy i encountered is Yellow Duke Nukem. Several moments before he attacked screen displayed message "Sound not found: BOS2RG.VOC" acording that Yellow Duke is actually coded as BOSS2.  Now i know that in 0.99 leak Battelord is coded as BOSS1 and Cycloid Emperor is coded as BOSS3 [Unlike in v1.3D where is coded as BOSS2 and Overlord is introduced as BOSS3] Now what makes me thinks that Yellow Duke was actually meant to be some kind of Boss Enemy as evil clone or it's just a placeholder for upcoming Overlord monster that later switched numbers with Cycloid Emperor in version v1.3D??? Anyway, you can try this yourself just download WHIT.MAP from attachment and load up in v0.99 using v1.3D verison of Duke3D.GRP file of course. As you see in third shot after Yellow Nukem get killed he drops the money...
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