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Author Topic: South L.A.  (Read 436 times)

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South L.A.
« on: August 20, 2017, 05:40:20 AM »

I can finally announce the release of South L.A. map. Well remember my old Duke IV mod that sucked ass due the bad mapping? Well instead of 10 shitty maps, i actually made one better map. South L.A. is remake of my old Duke IV mod, it did keep main storyline of Duke IV, but level is new. South L.A. also contains new art, new enemies, new sounds and new kick ass music. Although it is not perfect, level is far better than those 10 maps in old Duke IV.


Duke Nukem is having fun in the bar, as he decided to back on subway to get home, he is ambushed by aliens. Later Nukem receives the message from General Graves that aliens are ploting on invading South L.A., however General also warns him that goverment sent military force in order to cover up incident and eliminate aleins and any possible witnesses, since that, Duke Nukem gets attacked by Miltary forces. However, as time passes, Nukem finds out that his old nemesis Chuck Norris is behind military clean up. Norris is angered by Duke ever since Duke defeated Dr Proton, as Norris claimed that he shall defeated Proton and became hero, Duke stolen his work! Duke have to locate storages controlled by Chuck Norris' military force and his best agent James Bond and proceed to FBI Headquarters. Can Nukem defeated Bond and Norris and show those dudes their place? ;)


-As i was doing this map, i originally planned different final boss area. My first idea was to place Chuck Norris in some kind of storage, just like where Bond is, however as being to repetitive i scraped this idea. Second plan was to make Chuck Norris's secret base that can only be reached by water canals. However, i didn't had idea for such a base, so instead i put Chuck Norris in UNDERWATER BASE itself. Yeah i know it doesn't make sense to breathe a water as he is not alien or something, but, due the fact of Chuck Norris jokes, why he couldn't breathe underwater that way? ;)

-Another difference between actual old Duke IV and this polished map is lack of Race X Homeworld and even Race X aliens itself. Due the lack of ideas and some software problems, i have to scrap off Race X from plot, although people who played my old Duke IV eariler actually most like Race X from new enemies, sorry about that. In ART files, Race X replaced Fat Commander, but here Commander's sprites are untouched. Plus in fact only two examples of Commanders cab be seen in entire map. Only left over from Race X aliens is their lower health than in original game...

-However, aliens in general only exist in beginning of the level, as you play longer, Marines mostly appear in second half of level, and later featuring two boss arena, one mini boss (Bond) and later final boss in underwater (Chuck Norris). U.S. Marines are pig cop replacements, however their sprites are now much smaller and different in old Duke IV where they were oversized.

-James Bond is health is now 1500 HP, while in Duke IV, his HP was 1000, although you fought him trice in level 9 of Duke IV, equally giving 3000 HP in old version, so yeah, he is actually weaker for 50% than in old mod. His sprite is resized a bit.

-Chuck Norris sprite is same, although his HP is reduced from 11111 to 8000 HP due the difficult fight in underwater area.

Download link:

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