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Haunted Mansion community cbp map. In spirit of Halloween.

Sixty Four (Duke64)



CGS review / download

"It's Time To Make Tracks" - Dinosaur Hunter


As the title of the map states, it's a mansion.

The level is made up of three sections; a west wing that has a dining room and several state rooms, as well as a dungeon. An east wing that has a game room of sorts. And lastly the central foyer with a mausoleum and an adjoining courtyard connecting the east and central sections.
I wouldn't call it 'haunted' so much as infested with creepy aliens that are doing rather brutal and ritualistic things. Along with good texture choices and strong shading, the map has a lot of little details and nasty decorations scattered throughout to give it a serial-killer vibe. There are all kinds of nice little touches to give it an immersive atmosphere, and several effects, tricks, and puzzles to give it the old-spooky-mansion environment.
Unfortunately there are also some issues with the design and game play. If you search the main chamber along the walls, you'll notice a lot of overly stretched textures. They're false walls that hide blood waterfalls that are supposed to appear one by one as the player progresses through the map. Pushing use on a couple of them will reveal them prematurely. This is minor compared to the problem that half the doors are in a relatively cramped position and tend to squish the player, or the aliens, if they get too close while the door is in motion. Doubly so for the cabinet doors and trying to get in and out of the hidden nightstand passage in the staterooms. Probably one of the most annoying aspects is the hundred and one false doors and no clue what just opened after a switch is thrown. You will spend a lot of time looking for unlocked doors, and doors in false bookcases and such. Luckily most of these issues are in only one wing and can be managed with a little care and perseverance.
The aliens engagements are varied from the types and combinations of baddies encountered; from snipers, to ambushes, to just all-out swarms. There's a large amount of ammunition and a decent scattering of healing items spread throughout, so the shoot-'em part is pretty fun and sustainable. Just bone-up on chess piece recognition before you play, if you're not familiar with the game. More fun than jump-scares.

Overall I'd give it an 88
Take it down to the beach with a hammer and pound sand up your ass


Excellent Feedback Forge! Hope you enjoyed it. There may or may not be more of these in the future 8)
"It's Time To Make Tracks" - Dinosaur Hunter


reminded me of a couple of Taivo Maripuu's - Dark Place maps - both the environment and the game-play.
Take it down to the beach with a hammer and pound sand up your ass


Thanks to both of you.
I'll play it through and upload it tonight (CET)
Harmonically distorted....


Ah yes, those pesky trick doors in the first wing.
I considered making them larger...but who doesn't like to get squished...especially when you are in the middle of finding a secret area!
On the regular single doors, the doors that do not have lights on above them are not accessible.
Each switch opens a set of main double doors.  So less to track down.  No need to go around looking at every door.
But I guess the player would not know this at first and will spend some time wandering.
Maybe we can post some notes on the steam page to save players some time.
Or maybe we just let them wander for a bit!
Was fun working on the map.


Just wanted to say thanks for the taking the time to post a review.
Nice to see any Duke map reviews these days!
Have a nice weekend.


excellent review Forge! cheers! xmas CBP map in the making haha. cheers!