[RELEASE] Poison Heart

Started by ck3D, 27 February 2019, 01:35:30

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Hey, here's my new map. Poison Heart is a snowy city / Xmas-themed / hi-tech level that should last you about 50 mins on your first playthrough. See the .txt file for details! Hope you enjoy.

Download link here

CGS - review/download


Holy crap, what a map!
Spent more than a hour on this one.

An excellent map it is. Very fast paced and also beautiful looking.
Pretty damn difficult to stay alive from time to time  ;D

Thanks for sharing!
Harmonically distorted....


I'm very happy you liked it so much Puritan!

I linked to the CGS page of the map and took the liberty to re-use your screenshots in the Duke4 thread, please don't hesitate to tell me if that's any problem for you and I can remove them first thing anytime upon request - they were just a lot better than mine, and I wanted the Duke4 crowd to be able to catch a good, direct glimpse of the level from the thread, I obviously mentioned the source and links but if for whatever reason we aren't on the same page as far as this is concerned please just tell me and we'll easily get along. My logic was that the screenshots might duly redirect some extra attention towards CGS too, your site is a great effort and should be brought up more often: https://forums.duke4.net/topic/10479-release-poison-heart/page__gopid__316038#entry316038

I also mentioned a quick something about similarities I could feel between this map and some of yours such as Twin Creeks which you might dig.

Thanks for not just the feedback but also keeping this website running after all these years, that's a true champion's act and I'm sure the community doesn't make it sound obvious enough to you how much its presence on the internet is appreciated. (that also goes out to Forge's reviewing efforts)


^Go ahead, be my guest.
Thank you very much for your kind words. Appreciated  ;)
Harmonically distorted....