Cool Duke3d Soundtrack Remakes

Started by Silverflash84, 27 March 2019, 20:17:05

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Hey Duke Freaks,

still today I enjoy to Play a lot of Episodes and single Maps of Duke3d and sometimes
I take time to build one, too.
Another fact is that I create Music and here´s my Interpretation of some cool Duke Soundtrax:

Red Light District Strip Music:

Pizzed Off:



Enjoy and let me hear what ya think!


Grabbag wasn't my cup of tea. It's too weak.
The rest is okay.
Harmonically distorted....


Aye, Grabbag definitely would have been a lot better if it was a bit more hardcore. I'm still digging it though. Pizzed Off is fantastic.


Ok, honest opinion...good for my future works ;-)
For me I thought that the Chaingun and Explosion sounds were cool, so Maybe I neglected the Drums...


Thank you, too. Yesss Pizzed off is asskickin´ good and some days if I here that Sound when drivin´to work,
I feel like put on a sunglass and chew bubble gum XD.