[RELEASE] Dark Station

Started by Sanek, 05 January 2020, 11:39:08

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Here's Alien-inspired map that Puritan might be interested in.  ;D

Dark Station is a sequel and at the same time kinda prequel to Dark Seed, the space-themed map I released 2 years ago (can't beelive it's that long ago already). I'd say that Alien: Isolation was the major source of inspiration this time, and there's a whole room dedicated to Aliens movie as well. In contrast to Dark Seed, there's no viewscreens with walls of text to read - I decided to make the map speak for itself! There's 3 distinctive chapters in the map, which will have different types of exploration, from slow to hectic to crazy!

I'd say that it's a little bit more spookier this time around, and midway through it goes into survival horror territory! Save your ammo and use holoduke if you want to live! No music this time around; please don't use any while playing. Also update your eduke - the old builds (6+ months old) ruins the expierence because of some door-related issues. Modern builds have some annoying sprites-ducking issues, but otherwise it's fine.
It's not action-heavy map, but you'll move around a lot and it's kinda spooky, it must be be entertaing for some! I hope you'll enjoy it!

CGS download / review


Holy cow!
I had a hard time staying alive in this one. Had to cheat while performing the screenshots...
Good layout and the "Alien" atmosphere is nicely carried out.
Well done  :)
Harmonically distorted....