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FM4X: New York Rebellion + Orbital Oblivion + Arnarchy Village + The Uprising

Started by Fernando, 05 March 2020, 23:15:59

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Good day everyone,

May I introduce myself as the author of FM3X, Fernando Marquez. I registered here a few days ago to prepare for the eventual release of my final chapter of my expansion pack, FM4X. Well, today is the day and I'm posting it right here in front of your screen.

Even though my pack was completed nearly a month ago, I went through several testing phases to actually make sure it will work properly and not crap out of it any moment one should be caught in a deterred surprise. Plus, I really went my way to make really sure it would live up to my promise of "it works, no bugs and quibbles", not just myself, but with close friends testing heavily.

So, today I bring you the final chapter in my long expansion pack. FM4X: The Uprising.
The final chapter includes once again 11 single player levels, plus one secret level. Additionally, three new levels for the DukeMatch bonus episode are included.

I won't delve into any backstory for the episode because frankly, I never really though one for my levels, and besides, you may already know my levels borrow inspiration from the original 3DR levels.

There are five download links, you should only choose one depending on which port you want to play.!m5JiQCQb!Rd6m0ICY1YuBRhXNgduNUQ is a folder where the files are hosted.

  • FM4X.ISO is a CD image of the expansion pack. Burn it onto a CD and load it into your DOSBox or real DOS/Win9x computer. Just like if it was released in early 2000s.
  • FM4X-DOS is the contents of the CD image above, saving you the hassle of burning the CD in first place.
  • FM4X-FULL contains all version of FM4X in three folders ready to copy and paste into your Duke folder. Choose the version you have and just copy to your root Duke folder. The GRP contains all assets from the expansion pack plus the original game.
  • FM4X-GRP is exactly the same as the above folder, save for the GRP files condensed. These just contain the new data.
  • FM4X-eDuke32 is the easy way for eDuke players. The GRP files used are from the condensed folder.
If you just want to shoot ahead and straight play the levels, just choose the eDuke32 or Full version files. Just install it in your Duke folder and play.
Basically, I only gave support for the original DOS versions and for eDuke. I think you can play my levels without issues on any other port. I didn't test any port outside the original retail DOS versions and eDuke32 (any version can run it, I guess). I also tested my levels on real hardware, such as old laptops from the 90s and on DOSBox. No performance problems and nasty glitches arose as the final version is posted nowadays.

As for the previous FM3X levels, these were corrected, reedited, made easier and fixed a few problems found after the original release of it a few years ago. I have read the comments online and have listened. However, my levels are quite non-linear so, explore! Perhaps they are a bit tricky into navigation, but exploring quite a bit shouldn't give you headaches.

To sum this all up, if you are reading this wall of text, thank you for your time and I really hope you enjoy my levels as much as I did mapping them, although it was quite a long time. Time is quite limited nowadays with a proper job and family.

And finally, for the next FM4X update, I will post two additional DukeMatch episodes during the year to finally close my Duke chapter. And who knows what projects will lie ahead of me this or next years?

Thank you very much. Enjoy!

Below a few pictures previewing "The Uprising"

CGS review / download


Wow, what a marvelous surprise!
Congrats, Fernando. The very best episode from you (so far...).

Spent most of the weekend with this one (my lady wasn't that impressed of me  :D )
Very good mapping for the most part and brilliant storyline.
The action and weapon/ammo ratio is excellent (for Come Get Some mode it is).

Design and layout unmistakable carries your style.

Couple of minor errors though; towards the end where the rocket silos are. Some of the switches are almost impossible to hit.
Guess it's because the switches are behind doors. The sector for the doors prevents players from hitting the buttons.
Had to noclip in order to hit the buttons.

All in all a very well carried out release.
Can't imagine how much work you put into this  :o

Would probably rated it somewhere around 92
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To the trained eye - There are no coincidences
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Well thank you very much for such a positive view on my expansion pack.

It was quite a ride in building all 56 levels from the early days of Duke until now. I really enjoyed designing maps for the game, even if time was quite sparse because of my son and wife. Life can really be a pain in the balls sometimes.

As for the switches, I intentionally did them this way to forbid the player press by using space with the doors closed. Duke has no check for the player if he/she can press the buttons if there's a sector blocking the buttons. You can push them even if the buttons have a blocking door in front of them. Just use the kick, it's the equivalent of using 'open' without using ammunition.

And also I read Mikko's review. What a precise and exquisite review he put up. Completely agree with it and the score. Perhaps my final maps weren't the best in layout and design, but these were really hard to put up.