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Started by Puritan, 07 December 2011, 23:49:52

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Want a challenge ?
Corvin over at RTCM sent me a map here the other day.
I thought I would give it a spin for an upload but I can't seem to finish it.

The keycard sequence goes like this: red - blue - yellow.
Now, I've inserted the yellow keycard and roamed the area searching for what to do next......
Spent close to two hours on this one without any luck.
Opened it in mapster and found that the fire truck might be crucial.

So if you're bored...  :P
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A tip from the author is only visible with the nightvision though...
In the alley close to the yellow keycard slot there's a pitch black wall with this text: " Now wash your hands".
Well, I did and when pushing the hand dryer a switch is thrown.
Only thing I found that was opened is a nearby hatch in the wall containing Dukes boots....
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Stuck on a mansion map listed as 649 in my usermaps.

there's a small puzzle I hate figureing out does anyone know what the combination is?


Either open the map in Mapster and reveal the code sequence or attach the map to a post here for others to have a look at it.
Not sure what you mean by:.....listed as 649 in my usermaps.
Harmonically distorted....


You're supposed to push the even buttons (the 2nd, the 4th and so on).
There are clues for this puzzle on the theater (requires night vision; it may not appear very well in certain video modes) and on the "graffiti" on the front street.

Hope i helped...