[RELEASE] Fake Abyss

Started by bright, 21 November 2021, 11:09:21

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Hi,everyone,I'm a duke-wang-blood fan, this is my first duke map ,and my first time to make a map. For level editing ,I' m almost a rookie。Maybe my level is very rough an unbalance,so if you couldn't beat it in normal way,just use cheat ,I don't want make anyone upset , so have a good time,hope you like it :lol:

Story:Duke obsessed with a new EDF agent (lady),and dated with her。But in fact ,this lady was disguised by alien queen。So duke was involved in an ambush。Now ,he must defeat his enemies and get the hell out of the place —— a fake abyss。

PS:It's a vertical map ,a little use of TROR。

Update: a minor update for previous version, make the gameplay of the first scene better

Made by Bright Traveller