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Started by Sanek, 08 June 2022, 13:32:40

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Hello! Here's my brand new episode called BattleDuke, actually my first episode for the vanilla game since 2009!

It's 7 new small maps, where every enemy you're fighting with is a Battlelord! They have twice as much health than usual, so if it doesn't sound like your cup of tea, don't play it!

Each map was made within 24 hours periods, so 7 maps was made in 7 days. Testing and fixing/polishing took over a month though.

You have to use strategy and all the skills in order to beat these guys! Some levels you start without weapons, some you carry the weapons from previous map, but in any case each map was designed with pistol-start in mind. Don't forget to use Holoduke when you have it and remember: each bullet counts! It'll be a real bummer when you're just a pistol shot away from victory and you didn't get it in the end. Sure, you can speedrun the whole thing, and don't kill all the enemies, but will it make you a man? No, it will make a chicken! You have enough ammo on each level, so try to 100% it, okay?  ::)

Thanks to Ninety-Six for a detailed report of each map, he really helped me to polish the maps (without changing my vision of the project) and pointed some fatal flaws in the process.

The whole thing was inspired by the Faces of Death map from L.A. Meltdown. I like this map since it's a real challenge even for a seasoned player. I started adding Battlelords on some dukematch maps, then decied to make levels designed specifically with battlelords in mind.
I don't know how you'll react to this episode. You either love it or hate it.

So, enjoy (?) this episode.  :)

CGS review/download


Damn, this map is pretty hard to pass  :D
Great challenge for warriors it is!
Harmonically distorted....


Thanks for hosting of the episode, Puritan! ;)

Hope you enjoyed it, as other guys seems to like it (and if there's any criticisms, it's all fair).

As for the news blurb - my previous release (Dark Station) was 3 years ago; I'm anything but a "map churner" these days.  ;D