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Started by asbestos, 26 August 2022, 15:27:59

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Hey all! This is my first post on your forum. If you're active on the Duke4.net forums and Discord then you may have already seen this. I released a map that I started way back in 1999 and recently finished up. Here's all the details from the accompanying text file:


Bacon Grease is a rather typical city map with particular attention payed to a grimy mood and a strong sense of place. You'll make your way through the streets of a besieged city, encountering a mix of commercial, residential, industrial, shopping, and transit locations.

Some background - the map was actually started in 1999 as part of a TC called Final Sundown. After the TC was cancelled I began repurposing it and my other Final Sundown maps for an episode replacement called Departed. I lost interest in the project and never finished it.

Fast forward 23 years to 2022. While working on my visual design portfolio I wanted to collect some of my formative work, going as far back as my days of making Duke Nukem 3D maps. I decided I would get the ones closest to completion into a releasable state. So here we have one of them, after a few months of acclimating myself to modern expectations and tools. Due to the time gap the environment design stems from a mix of the perspective of a naive small town American teenager, to my modern experience of living in Berlin, Germany.


I hope you have a fun time with the map, and please let me know any feedback you might have. I did see that some of my old maps from the late 90s are already up on Scent-88, so I hope this one can find its way there as well!

Available on ModDB: https://www.moddb.com/games/duke-nukem-3d/addons/bacon-grease

CGS review / download


Man, what a pleasant surprise - welcome aboard!
You are among quite a few mappers from back in the days that have surfaced over the last couple of years .
This is heart-warming for me, since this old game still attracts people.

The map is a big leap forward in your mapping skills.
Had a fun time playing.
Map is bunged to our server, of course.
Harmonically distorted....


Fantastic, thank you! Glad my participation was able to strike a chord, and glad you enjoyed the map. Thanks for continuing to support the community after all this time!