[RELEASE] Koodbool

Started by ck3D, 01 January 2023, 14:30:59

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Morning and a happy new year, ladies and gents. Today, I'm bringing a new map, made in a week. Enjoy Koodbool (if you can!)

File and screenshots here: https://forums.duke4.net/topic/12188-release-koodbool/page__pid__376244#entry376244

CGS review / Download


Thanks for sharing, Puritan!

Here's the (shorter) sequel, hope you dig it: https://forums.duke4.net/topic/12194-release-tit-e-bar/

CGS review / download


Greetings and happy new year!
That's good news - looking forward to a playthrough
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To the trained eye - There are no coincidences
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Here's a playthrough of Koodbool by DNSKILL5:


And one of Tit-E-Bar:


Thanks again for hosting the files! My best regards.