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Started by Forge, 08 December 2011, 16:29:29

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Welcome to Come Get Some.

This site is recently opened and getting off the ground. While our grand administrator, Puritan, works hard on getting a data base put together and adding content to the site, we welcome our members to submit reviews for excellent maps and mods that they feel deserve some attention, recognition, and would like to see hosted.

Puritan's intent is to host as many excellent releases as possible.

Feel free to submit a review for your favorite maps and mods here in this topic. All that is required is a write up describing the map/mod, six(preferably) or more screen shots, and a link to the file. If you want to submit a review, but would rather not post up in this thread, e-mail your submission to Puritan at or myself at  Even if doing reviews is not your thing, providing solid suggestions and recommendations will contribute to future content.



A submitted map and/or review uploaded here will not be changed whatsoever.
Be absolutely sure that the map/review is done before releasing it.

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Thanks for Earth Base review, btw!
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Here's a review for Duke 12:12. Sorry it took so long. I actually wrote one a week ago, but I was basing it off the half-run I did of it back a few months ago, and I just didn't feel it was up to the same standard as the other two I wrote, so I replayed the map, beat it, and cranked this out this morning.


Duke 12:12 is the sequel to Forge's predating map Duke 6:8. I haven't gotten the chance to play the latter, but I'm finding myself wanting to check it out now that I've given this thoroughly badass map a complete run through. Give it a shot and you probably will, too.


This is one of those maps that, in strict terms of progression, plays relatively linear, but feels nonlinear thanks to the general layout, the huge, open spaces and the creative use of background scenery. For the most part, progression itself is a pretty straight-forward keycard hunt (controlled for the first set, whereas the second set's scattered throughout map's main "mall" hub).
Spritework was the main emphasis for this map and it's done extraordinarily well. Sprites constitute entire floor plans of some buildings and you honestly wouldn't know that just by looking at them; it's all done near-flawlessly. This doesn't, however, mean Forge limited the spritework to level architecture, as it's also put to clever use for simple decoration. The inside of a mechanic's shop in the beginning of the map is a good example of this, where just a few sprites are used to make suspended winches and other neat things, showing an imagination few other mappers (myself included) manage to achieve.
Gameplay is solid too, with there being a decent (thin at first, but stronger later) ammo/enemy ratio, and plenty of health. The open spaces that comprise much of the map make for some fun firefights, and it all culminates in a brilliantly designed boss-fight with a Cycloid Emperor in a bombed-out chunk of urban environment.


Duke 12:12 ought to tickle everyone's fancy. There's very little you could logically complain about in terms of gameplay, but there are a few things worth noting. The spritework (decorative, at least) tends to be a bit of an obstruction in the areas outside of the mall, both for the player and the badguys. Ordinarily this would be fine, but there are a ton of hitscan enemies here, and they can wear you down pretty fast while getting conveniently hung up behind phonebooths, parkbenches, etc. One memorable instance was a fat commander that drifted up behind me while I was trying to untangle myself from some palm-trees, fired a rocket and wound up blowing us both to pieces (while creating a nice bonfire out of the trees).
Apart from this, there are a few masked walls that should've been given an extra hitscan flag. One of these areas is in the map's strip-club. After catching the attention of a few octabrains, I ran into an adjacent office, thinking I could get some cover there, and a window in the office wall would help me figure out a safe way to exit and attack them. Imagine my surprise when the octabrains floated up to the window and passed right through it. Live and learn, I guess.


Forge said that this map wasn't technically complete, which seems crazy when you think of the overall design, the well-executed placement of enemies, and the fact that beating the map took almost everyone that played it at least half an hour. Nevertheless, after completing the map's last keycard hunt and entering an EDF base, you'll see scant traces of what he's talking about. Design takes a bit of a backseat here, with bland, squarish rooms, weak lighting and not much attention to trimwork, but it all picks right back up when you reach the final area of the map. It's recommended that this map be played in 32 bit. Software causes some clipping issues with the spritework (on my end, anyway).




Thank you, EmericaSkater  ;)

A review of my likings.
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Micky C

Can someone review this: It's all the maps for the 1.5 hour mapping project. 10 short maps in total, averaging about 3 minutes of gameplay. Two or three lines per map would be nice. Drop the folder in your eduke32 directory and follow the instructions in the "ACTUALLY READ ME" for best install.

Here's the file:
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It's now uploaded with a pending review  ;)

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1.5 hour mapping project

A collection of ten small maps made by various authors under the restrictions of two rules: make it in one and a half hour or less, and use the basic Duke 1.4 textures.

The collection consists of multiple themes and features different types of game play. Locations may range from city street, military base, canyon, space station, mines and caves, rooftops and other urban locations. Game play can be straight forward combat, boss fight, or puzzle solving.

Map quality also depends on the author and what areas they chose to focus on. Some maps have strong architecture and are very well textured, others have prominent trimwork and a bit of detailing, some are fairly basic looking, but have a stronger emphasis on game play, while others have a little bit of everything.

Due to time constraints during the build, these maps are incredibly short and most can be finished in a few minutes. They were made as a personal challenge to their capabilities to be able to make a decent, playable map under a very crippling restriction. Design for several does suffer, but they are mostly pretty fun little levels well worth the time to run through them all.

Texturing/Lighting-Shading: 7/10
Sprite Work/Detailing: 7/10
Ambiance: 7/10
Architecture: 16/20
Layout: 16/20
Gameplay/Design: 27/30 (+5)
Overall: 85/100
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Review uploaded and also with a new feature; A download counter  8)
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Micky C

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my pleasure.

I understand you may have wanted a little said about each individual map, but due to quality variations, I felt it would do the project more justice to cover it as an entire package
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Micky C

Mikko's review had a tid bit on each map, I guess that's another benefit of having two independant reviewers who know their stuff. I liked the way you described the variety and how different authors focused on different aspects though, which is an important thing for the player to understand, especially if they're not mappers.

I submitted a news article on the CBP linking to both your reviews, since there hasn't been any news at for a while.
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We've broken the 200 mark for maps in the data base.

Approximately 358 (+any new releases) to go
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Micky C

That's a fairly specific number. What maps are you putting into the database? All the maps from the Repository, or perhaps all the maps from the repository above a certain score?
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That's how many maps I have left in my temp & cue directories. I do believe 99% are from DN-R. The rest would be items that weren't hosted there for one reason or another (too big or never uploaded - mostly small TC's and episodes)

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Back Alley was never put on DN-R no matter how many times I asked

I might do a review of it if you're okay with that - The only Blog solely dedicated to Horror video games