[Release] Cherenkov Station

Started by Supertanker, 05 January 2012, 08:37:32

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Nu-uh. I don't do "today's standards" with my maps. I just make big pretty maps with lots of enemies and some detail and careful texturing and that's about it. That's what I mean when I call my maps "vanilla" (pretty close to the original game...sorta). But I have some ideas. Thanks!


Very good level. Like Mikko said, the contrast between the kinda dark, claustrophobic beginning and the more bright, open feel of the actual station works out greatly. Gameplay was good, and that spritework in the HUB area is quite impressive!
I also liked how you could see the previous space station in the background from several angles. I thought the final hanger room could have been better, it basically felt like a big square.. But that's the only negative I can think off.


There were a few "square" rooms full of the same "square" crates, and all with pretty much the same texture. That was the redundancy and need for texture variety i was aiming at in my review. i try not to be too specific when i do write-ups so potential players can get their own impression without having a predetermined prejudice. sometimes my intentions become too vague, it sounds like i'm talking about the entire map, and the whole thing backfires in my face and possibly irritates the mapper. ah well, at least they can look at the score and see it's over 90.
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Heh, well, I don't think it's much of a secret that I probably only use about ~5% of the possible textures habitually, if that. As for square hangar, towards that end I was thinking I wasn't going to have a hangar at all because I figured I failed at boss fights. I literally built it in about ~3 hours and left it like that because I was so happy with how the gameplay turned out. You'll notice I forgot a few things. :P If you look in mapster, there's a whole giant sector behind the brown wall to your right as you enter the hangar. There were supposed to be pipes and machines behind a grate there but it completely slipped my mind! Doy.

Edit: actually, if you look around a little more in Mapster, you can see where I left some old sectors off to the side. Most of them were just temporary sectors I used to rotate groups of sprites, but there's a sideways-T-shaped texture that is possibly the oldest remnant of the map with a decidedly more gritty feel than the rest. (It's half-textured, heh.) I built it in the first days after FOS Station, about the same time as the starting U-shaped corridors and ramp, and it was my original plan for the aesthetic feel of the level... (it would've joined the rest of the map just after the giant split-door just before the hub area; in fact, that short corridor between the silver door and the hub was part of the original plan, and you can see the angled frame survived).