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What are you working on.

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Some shots of the The Thing map I showed off a while ago. Granted I've not worked on it for about 7 mo... ops, pretend you didn't hear that.

Get back to work, you slacker!!  8)

This looks great  :)

I was wondering what happened to this. Finish it ya damn bum!  ;) it looks too good to go to waste

Figure you guys should get one screenshot that Duke4 doesn't have, even if it's relatively undetailed. (I like 3DR style.)

Crew quarters elevators. Totally not a dark, creepy area of the space station. Nope.

Looking good, Supertanker ;)
I like that you're taking care of texturing details. ( floor texture in the doorways. The bolts  is casting  shadows the same direction as your lighting.)
And welcome aboard.


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