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What are you working on.

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I'll drop some screenshots here as well I guess! It's still very WIP, so most textures on the outside are placeholders.

I'm done with a huge job behind the scenes here at CGS.
Thousands of PHP-scripts are edited in order to meet the new standards.
Finally got some time again for mapping on a map that has been sitting on my HD far too long  :P

Bit late to the party but great to hear you're still mapping Puritan, screen is looking nice and style is looking excellent as usual,

I should be posting this in Reviews & Submissions but 2021 had one more surprise in store for you (and honestly for me too): https://msdn.duke4.net/hotsalvage.php I hope you will like it, some of the stylistic choices do kind of remind me of your own maps for som reason. Happy new year, cheers!

Great !
Lots of work put into just three days.
The map is pure action from start to finish. I died several times....
Talking about finish - it was a bit too easy since the boss more or less killed himself. I lured him to the small top in the middle of the square, where there is an elevator and some goodies on top, and he was kinda stuck on one of the corners of that structure keeping firing into the wall next to him.

Haha yeah, it's a bit frenetic. I hope you liked it!

Spoilers ahead: boss thing doesn't look as good as I wanted to because the Cycloid is just too broken. Original plan was to have it spawn behind the screen and then as soon as the part of the screen with his face on it would collapse it would reveal its true face, but then for some reason the enemy would always get stuck like it did for you (despite surrounding sector Lotags being correctly set up and experiments with making the hole almost as large as the screen) unless I spawned it in a different sector, and super high up. Took some trial and error to get the timing right with his landing and the explosion but now he only gets stuck maybe 15% of the time, otherwise it seems as if he behaves differently on each playthrough due to RNG during his fall. In several scenarii it will be able to progress onto land and run up to the player, you can even go back to the previous area with the slime river (which it can't reach) for a good cover spot. That's when things are most fun, otherwise whenever he does get stuck then yeah that kinda sucks. For the record, correct timing with the screen collapse was to spawn the enemy at about 1.4 million Build units high.

Also I forgot to bring that up, but the map was also designed with consideration for speedrunning in mind, I told that in more detail here: https://forums.duke4.net/topic/11905-release-salvage-title/

Cheers and thanks for the quick hosting!


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