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Started by Puritan, 15 December 2011, 13:38:53

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Quote from: ck3D on  19 June 2021, 13:43:32
All the screenshots on this page look really cool, how are you doing with your map project Puritan? I've been checking out more of your releases lately, especially in video form as my playing time is non-existent and thus all of it goes into mapping instead but watching videos is easier. Someone on YouTube is actually in the process of making of map-per-map playthrough of Vermin Clearance, I think the first four levels are up for now (should be easy to find, if you can't try looking up something like 'Vermin Menace' because I seem to remember they botched some of the upload titles). Always love your style and general activity and so I hope to see something new from you sometime!

For those who don't want to Duke4, I started a ModDB page for my current project: https://www.moddb.com/mods/duke-nukem-3d-blast-radius by the way there is also the revised version of a Mapster speed/structured mapping tutorial thing I originally wrote in a Duke4 post up on there as an article, if you think that can be of any use for CGS, Puritan, you have my authorization to copy/host it.

My mapping is on hold for the time being.
I have a map that is about 70% done but I don't have time for Build.....
The last two years I've been occupied with a total renovation of our house + total renovation of the garden.
Luckily, I'm 90% done  :D
Think I'll find the time for mapping this fall - maybe a release for Christmas?

Also, if there's a sunny day, in between renovation, I've taken my motorcycle for a spin. Biking is the world to me!

Thanks for the heads-up regarding YT videoes - gotta check 'em out!

Finally, thanks a lot for the tutorial permission.
I took the liberty of editing a little bit; I broke up the massive text blocks just a tad.
It's uploaded in the "Tutorials" section!
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I'm totally fine with you adding some spacing to the text, sure. Honestly just spent five minutes looking around the website trying to find the Tutorials section but couldn't find it, would you happen to have a direct link? In general, would you be receptive to some criticism regarding the general navigation on CGS, as I can tell there is a lot of info on here and you put in a lot of work to try and keep it organized but sometimes it can be weird spotting this or that button, or some behave in ways one wouldn't spontaneously expect them to and take you to another page than you really intended. I'm not even talking about aesthetics, but I believe this website is too good to have this type of very basic issues and could use some microscopic reshaping up here and there to be more accessible and look as practical as it really is once you're more familiar. But if you don't feel like bothering then I would also understand that as running this platform as it currently is already represents lots of work.

That's great to hear you've been busy and having fun, and even greater to hear how mapping is still in your plans, looking forward to your next map then, cheers!


Here you go  :)

The search page is a hub.
The same goes for Statistics page.


Both looks like this:
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Ah I see it now, thanks. See maybe that's actually the whole problem, I never thought of the Map Search section of the site as its own sub-website (which it basically is), I normally just go to Map Listings because everything is so well organized there things are more convenient to find than by manually looking them up, which I suspect a lot of people do - except Map Listings is just that, and so missing directions to all the content accessible from Map Search. Thinking about it, maybe it's just the Map Search name for the section that's a bit misleading since it actually redirects to much more than a search bar. On my end as a user I have to admit I never really understood the structure of the website the way you intend it to be grasped until now, I would always find whatever file I'd be actively looking for but contents off that beaten path are something else with the two different pages with different menus - for instance I believe this is the first time I'm realizing you have a tutorial section on here (and a good one too) despite visiting CGS frequently for a very long time, that kind of content and work on your end deserves better exposure and so if you can use the criticism, then maybe there's something simple to do with highlighting that Map Search is more than what it sounds like and actually the hub that it is sometime. Now I know I've accessed that hub many times before throughout the years, mostly via Google searches, but never really realizing by which exact means since there are redirections to different parts of the website all over and its organization is complex, you know? Would be a much more simple solution than reworking the actual pages too, when they don't really need to be. Perhaps something akin to Contents Search or something more general altogether would be more fitting.


Agree, sire  ;D
Content Search is a good choice.

I was leaning towards that solution myself; meaning a more covering title for the search page.
Re-organizing requires too much work - at least; as of now.
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I'll drop some screenshots here as well I guess! It's still very WIP, so most textures on the outside are placeholders.


I'm done with a huge job behind the scenes here at CGS.
Thousands of PHP-scripts are edited in order to meet the new standards.
Finally got some time again for mapping on a map that has been sitting on my HD far too long  :P
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Bit late to the party but great to hear you're still mapping Puritan, screen is looking nice and style is looking excellent as usual,

I should be posting this in Reviews & Submissions but 2021 had one more surprise in store for you (and honestly for me too): https://msdn.duke4.net/hotsalvage.php I hope you will like it, some of the stylistic choices do kind of remind me of your own maps for som reason. Happy new year, cheers!


Great !
Lots of work put into just three days.
The map is pure action from start to finish. I died several times....
Talking about finish - it was a bit too easy since the boss more or less killed himself. I lured him to the small top in the middle of the square, where there is an elevator and some goodies on top, and he was kinda stuck on one of the corners of that structure keeping firing into the wall next to him.
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Haha yeah, it's a bit frenetic. I hope you liked it!

Spoilers ahead: boss thing doesn't look as good as I wanted to because the Cycloid is just too broken. Original plan was to have it spawn behind the screen and then as soon as the part of the screen with his face on it would collapse it would reveal its true face, but then for some reason the enemy would always get stuck like it did for you (despite surrounding sector Lotags being correctly set up and experiments with making the hole almost as large as the screen) unless I spawned it in a different sector, and super high up. Took some trial and error to get the timing right with his landing and the explosion but now he only gets stuck maybe 15% of the time, otherwise it seems as if he behaves differently on each playthrough due to RNG during his fall. In several scenarii it will be able to progress onto land and run up to the player, you can even go back to the previous area with the slime river (which it can't reach) for a good cover spot. That's when things are most fun, otherwise whenever he does get stuck then yeah that kinda sucks. For the record, correct timing with the screen collapse was to spawn the enemy at about 1.4 million Build units high.

Also I forgot to bring that up, but the map was also designed with consideration for speedrunning in mind, I told that in more detail here: https://forums.duke4.net/topic/11905-release-salvage-title/

Cheers and thanks for the quick hosting!