What is your own worst map(s)?

Started by Micky C, 23 December 2011, 00:11:54

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Micky C

There are a few very tallented mappers in here who could probably spit out some amazing pieces of work if done so today, but I thought it could be amusing if we take those same mappers and look at some of their worst pieces of work and have a bit of a laugh at our own expense.

I'll start off. This is my first map (duh!) which was started a bit under two years ago. It's a polymer exclusive HRP Dukeplus map which uses a lot of spotlights, and this was back when polymer was even slower than it is now. The framerate for most people would've been 10 fps or less at the time :P

The areas had a bare minimum level of details (although at the time I thought it was very well detailed..), and it had a bunch of random locations which didn't make sense, put together in an order that made even less sense. The map was non-stop shooting action, with some original and interesting locations puzzles, so it had a lot of fun segments if you overlooked the visuals and poor framerate.

Oh, and the final boss is a queen miniboss with x6 normal health  :P

These screenshots may be a touch outdated but are close enough:

Wall whore.


I like the second screenie. An ancient looking park or ruin with the Los Angeles skybox  ;D

But this isn't bad compared to my first maps. I'm a bit angry on myself for having deleted my oldest work.
Would have been nice to have something to laugh at and compare with these days.
But out of the maps available today I think this is the worst...
Harmonically distorted....


Crossroads and Ginnungagap. Fucking hate both. Then again I tend to be overly self-critical but still...


I hate all my maps. What I pictured in my head and what came out are two different things. It's similar to a drawing by a dyslexic, epileptic monkey with the heroin shakes.

Take it down to the beach with a hammer and pound sand up your ass


I think my worst map is Arctic alert (ironically, this is my only map which has a review on this site). I made this map for a few days just to have fun with con and completely forgot about design and details of the map itself. I also hate the text file, it shows my shitty english skills.
From the flight of the seagull come the spread claws of the eagle.


^More to come  ;) ...and welcome Zykov Eddy!
( We don't publish maps with Kims reviews for obvious reasons)
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I've all my old first maps.I think i can restaure soon the 3th but not the others.You know yet one of them (the 5th),it's paradise shopping  ;D

Because i got not internet,i didn't know what the letters meaned (I could'nt read the text because the scree was cutted  ???) ; and the first time i used build, i've searched a lot how to add a desk from an imaginary model library  :(

But by playing a lot of them, i wanted always to create my own mod of DN.This need,will or desire grown up by playing a lot of old maps and was completely achieved when i got the roch episode.After i discovered DNR and the meaning of pro-maps  ;)

I worked hard my skills to present you soon the Test version of the ultimate classic mod of DN : Welcome to Suncity   :) 
Another day,another challenge.


Of my released work, redduke (aka red1) is easily the worst. Especially the oversizing is pretty bad, it feels like you're a midget half of the time.  ;D Funny thing is, at the time I thought this map was the best thing ever.  :P I was really proud of some stuff, especially the house (which has 2 entire floors on top of each other).. so the negative review on MSDN was quite a shock. Now, I can easily see all the big flaws and I don't like this level anymore.

I've got some levels that predate redduke, but most of them are lost sadly. :( They shared the same problems redduke had, but they were even worse..

Another map I'm not satisfied with is roch Island, mainly because of gameplay issues. But that was a collaboration, so technically it's not one of my maps.  :P


I think the maps in IWv1 are terrible even for back then! The ones that aren't horrible to look at have terrible flow problems and are almost literally just lines. I've definilty improved in that regards. They at least look better in IWv2 but the flow is still bad to my eyes, although many people loved the fast paced action of them though.


Pick any map before FOS Station. (EDF Base and Tiberius Station come to mind.) They were my first publicly-released maps for Duke ever.


He-he... I should create a "Hall of Shame" page... ;D
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The Commander


Harmonically distorted....

The Commander

Clearly someone was trolling the download counter for that.
It would be better if TX would fix the multiplayer, but looks like it will be left to Helix to fix.


I think the counter was raised by bots.
Kim is the only one with access to the database editing stuff.

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