AMC TC released! Merry X-mas!

Started by James, 24 December 2011, 22:00:34

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Micky C

I found that section both a useful and interesting read  :D

Thanks for putting that up, I wasn't aware there were such advanced options for changing textures that could simulate sectors rising out of or falling into liquids.
Wall whore.


Yeah, it's used frequently in Dis Base for several of the effects in that map (Like the emptying pool of waste) I did intend at one point to make a 'module' with those new effects and release it as a bit of CON code for other people to use, but the only people who'd use it are con coders who already know how to code that kind of stuff :)


Just discovered that you guys can made this TC MUCH earlier if you don't find this idea stupid back then. ;D
"Lets kill eachother"  :)


Heh, that was a neat little topic that I never saw back then :D The mod started completely on a late night MSN session between me and Highwire, when I was working on Nuclear Showdown. We thought it would be cool to make a AMC HQ map, and then the rest is history. The TC went through alot of changes in tone though, it was originally sort of a joke TC but as we put more work into it, it became a more serious project (and it was definitly better for it)


A brand new channel on YouTube holds tons of user maps from the AMC TC  :)
In addition; you will find tons of Doom gameplay videoes as well.

Necro Insomniac channel
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