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Classic Duke 3D / [REL] The Flaming Shipwreck
« on: August 24, 2015, 08:39:14 PM »
Aliens have decided to grab a beer at a modernised British pub in Lynnchester called The Flaming Shipwreck, slaughtering the local folk and causing all sorts of trouble. Being too much for the local police force, Duke has been assigned to remove their presense from the area.

Originally started as a pub section for the BeachCBP during Apr 2013. Having no motivation for mapping at the time, it was put aside indefinitely. I resumed work in Nov 2014 with a different perspective and workflow to mapping. To ensure a healthy balance of motivation and inspiration, there were various short and long breaks inbetween. Project finished 24th Aug 2015.

Not intended or designed for the HRP, keep this in mind if used.

Eduke32 Required.



CGS download / review

Other Games / [REL] Zerbrechliche Klauen (Fragile Claws)
« on: April 15, 2013, 09:37:09 AM »
Three levels I've been working on and off since October last year and released it at the Wolf3D Haven forums on February 27th 2013. I'm not sure how many people around here are interested in Wolf3D modding but decided to throw up a thread here anyway.

This set replaces E1M1 - E1M3 and takes BJ through an outpost, underground cave prison and a fancy palace/castle interior. Completed, tested and polished as much as I could. Interested to get any feedback from those who check them out.


Download: (Installation instructions in txt file)
Recommend the Wolf4SDL Source Port:

Classic Duke 3D / [REL] PJSloth1 - by Peter Williams
« on: May 25, 2012, 11:25:06 PM »
PJSloth1 - by Peter Williams
Released: 24th May 2012

Peter Williams returns with a new release after an 11 year hiatus. His previous maps include Stranded and The Aztec Ruins.

Download: Here
Reviews: MSDN | TAW

Classic Duke 3D / [REL] Done & Dusted v1.1 (Final)
« on: May 21, 2012, 08:41:45 AM »
Done & Dusted v1.1 (Final) - by Ryan 'quakis' Rouse & Mikko Sandt

Note to players: If you've already played the original version, don't expect too many changes. These are some things I didn't get around to touching up the first time, and to also polish up areas based on feedback such as the buggy elevator doors. This is the one and final update I'll make.

  • Fixed some bugs, i.e: elevator doors
  • Some switches made invisible for Polymer
  • Polished up design and lighting, i.e: starting docks
  • Changed a corridor near the start into a break room
  • Moved Battlelords during finale where they belong
- - - - - - - -

A race of aliens known as The Assault have invaded a human facility located on an island sixty miles off the coast of California. The facility personnel have presumably been killed, but it's not known for sure. The loss of this facility is a major setback to research into alien physiology as the facility contains several important Protector Drone samples and gigabytes of research data. For these reasons the facility itself cannot be bombed: The samples and the data must be recovered, assuming they haven't been destroyed by the invaders. It is for this reason that you are sent to investigate the facility, to gather intel for our strike forces that'll take over the mission once your job is done.

Your mission is as follows:
1) Investigate the facility, keeping an eye on potential human survivors, preserved research data and Protector Drone samples. It is not, however, up to you to recover any of these.
2) Blow up the primary reactor. This should considerably lower their defense capabilities, paving the way for our strike forces
3) Once done, establish contact with the strike forces who will then proceed to take over the mission
4) Escape via the northern waterway leading to the sea

Requires Eduke32. HRP has not been tested. Intended for 8bit mode.

Polymer has been tested, while it contains some visual glitches with sprites and unintentional lighting (visible flickering fire before a certain explosion), it runs fine.

Download: Here

Map Info:
Mikko Sandt - About five years ago I received a bunch of old map scraps from quakis who's a bit infamous for starting many projects without ever actually finishing them. Many of the scraps consisted of only a few corridors and/or rooms but they shared a common hi-tech theme. Having missed the 12th MSDN anniversary update, I decided to make up for it by doing something with these scraps, which I had kept in mind over the years. (I had previously finished two usermaps that had been worked on by someone else but never finished.) I recovered the scraps from my old computer and went through them several times to see what would be the best way to tie them together. In the end, seven scraps ended up in the final map. After this merger (which involved a bit of copypasting, flipping, raising/lowering floors/ceilings and filling in some blanks) and after implementing gameplay dynamics (keys, buttons and monsters) I sent the map to quakis who held it for a week during which he modernized and streamlined the map's more than 5-year-old architecture.

quakis - I never expected these map sections to be used and once I took the map off Mikko's hands, I gave myself only a week to edit the map as much as I could. The layout and basic gameplay was there, but I thought it felt a bit lifeless and generic to play through. Over that week I worked on redesigning many locations and some areas were completely remade. The gameplay also became more refined, adding in that needed bit of life and little effects here and there. The map as a whole is considerably different from the version Mikko had sent and I felt pleased with the work I managed in a week.

Watch this space for an upcoming map commentary article I'm currently writing up!

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