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Duke 3D Modifications / [RELEASE] HECTIC REALMS DEMO
« on: February 27, 2018, 04:25:53 AM »
Hi everyone. I posted this in Duke4 but I haven't had many feedback from mappers, and I think not everyone here visits the forums so there you go!

What happens when you mix William G Realms and Mesoamerican culture legends?


I can write more and you can read more about it, but it's better if you play.


Extract all the content in a fresh folder and run Hectic Realms.bat


There are new keys you need to assign like in the original WGR2: Altfire and POW.

You can play the mod in Polymost or Polymer (cool lights implemented!) you can expect the usual problems using the render though.


Special thanks to Dan Gaskill for developing special code all these years, to my girlfriend Teresita for all her support and help, she really have motivated me to achieve what I actually had in mind for this mod. I'd like to thank betatesters Forge, Fantinaikos and Teresita for this version and Paul Boulduc for earlier versions as well.

Hope you enjoy it!

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