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General Discussion / Re: Random Snaps
27 September 2019, 16:34:57
nice ride
Media Forum / Re: Oostrum's band Calculated
29 June 2019, 16:06:55
Nice vid & song.

very Deep Purple-esque.
needs more cowbell
looks interesting, but needs more cowbell
Duke 3D Resources / Re: Looking for ...
02 January 2019, 18:31:28
Classic Duke 3D / Re: [RELEASE] 2018 Final Beer Run
28 December 2018, 01:20:32
Not a huge fan of blocky linear shooting-gallery maps, but this one was decent. The little stashes, minor details, and pop-culture references kept it interesting. This would have been a good map to feature the freezer as one of the primary weapons.
The end was pretty tough.
Thank you for sharing.
Quote from: StarCraftZerg on  09 December 2018, 03:05:59
Thank you all for the feedback! I've got a video of me playing through it on Come Get Some with developer commentary!
Only sissies play your maps with auto-aim on. Sissy.

You're not the only one who couldn't pick up the atomic health. I think there's a bug floating around in some eduke32 versions.
I'm using r7136 and can pick it up.
Media Forum / Re: Oostrum's band Calculated
09 December 2018, 17:04:12
Congrats and good luck.

Wish I could do more to support.
Very nice looking map. Articulate detailing, trimming, and architecture. Nice shading and texture combos. I like how you kept it industrial, but were still able to use different texture sets for different areas, and it all blended together quite well.
Lots of little stashes and side-areas to explore, which is nice.
Never found the shrinker & didn't find all the buttons to open the armory.

Once again a map of yours starts off with a ridiculous and over-whelming situation that requires running in circles around a large group of aliens until there's enough fratricide and ammo drops to clear the area out and get a foothold. It's like being a dolphin trying to swirl up a bait-ball of mackerel. It takes a few attempts to do it an live. Some people don't mind, some people are going to dislike it. A lot.
After that bit, it plays out pretty good.
I very much enjoyed it. Thank you.
Classic Duke 3D / Re: Last map you played
04 December 2018, 18:13:59
please update DukeExpress

from the 1.91 version to the 1.93 version

Thank You.

I think I'm done writing opinions for awhile, I feel uncomfortable having no direct control to edit something I wrote or a file I submitted.
Classic Duke 3D / Re: Last map you played
19 November 2018, 12:05:49
Deep Sea Rising
20 September 2016

An underwater EDF base.

It's large facility with crews quarters, storage rooms, laboratories, min-sub and diving platforms, reactor rooms, control rooms, and a lot of corridors. It's all dark and gloomy, strongly shaded, well detailed, full of ambient sounds, and full of aliens. It's put together pretty solid, with only a few cramped corridors, doorways, and lifts that impede the player's movement.
The objective is to get from one part of the station, through an underwater section, to a more run down and abandoned part of the station. Apparently that's where the aliens are sneaking into the facility from. The goal is to collect three key cards which will open the submerged blast door and allow access to the other end of the station. The layout is several interconnected series of corridors, rooms, and ventilation shafts that reconnect back into the main passage several times over. Rooms and areas are pretty distinct, so it's not a matter of getting lost, it's a matter of making sure all the sections are explored thoroughly in order to find the keys. It's pretty easy to miss a few rooms and emerge into an earlier portion of the level empty-handed. More fun than card tricks.

Overall I'd give it an 89
Classic Duke 3D / Re: Last map you played
16 November 2018, 16:49:34
19 December 2002

Now let me see you campers hide in this maps. It's a very simple but straight concept hopefully a good guarantee for hardcore deathmatches. There are two flavors concerning Warfate, one has alientextures and the other nature ones. You can dive underwater in both version, btw, don't mind the lava-stuff. Best for 2-4 players.
Classic Duke 3D / Re: Last map you played
14 November 2018, 16:16:35
Sunstorm Interactive
18 January 1997

A city block.

A pretty short and simple key card hunt. There's not much in the way of detailing or scenery in this level. Just some basic architecture with simple texturing and good shading. Most areas are non-descript and unadorned, but there appears to be an office building, an apartment complex, a parking garage, a section of a plaza with a shop or two, a maintenance room, and a section of street. The map flows well and combat is balanced, but the lack of sounds, effects, and minimal scenery make the experience somewhat flat. More fun than vanilla.

Overall I'd give it a 73
Classic Duke 3D / Re: Last map you played
12 November 2018, 15:20:17
Trick`n trap
20 January 2015

A small industrial map with a central room and a corridor around its circumference.
General Discussion / Re: Mapping in 20th edition
11 November 2018, 16:02:48
Mark it the same as you would a map that requires DC or Caribbean.
That's basically what it is.

The cons slow down the run-speed a little to keep people from "speed-running the map" - they also comment out the firefly, flamethrower, and wt boss, so they game won't throw errors if it is played with the atomic.grp.
Originally the game came with the two wt art files, but some people threw a fit, so they were removed. That's the only reason the map even requires wt.
Classic Duke 3D / Re: Last map you played
09 November 2018, 16:14:30
18 June 2018

*requires Duke Nukem 3d 20th Anniversary World Tour for TILES021.ART and TILES022.ART. Will work with the Atomic Grp file as long as the included con files are used.
Polymer is also recommended. The load on most computers will be pretty light and won't dramatically affect the fps.

An urban map. But was it a dream?

The level visits many locations while Duke navigates through a couple city blocks. Apartments, streets, a restaurant, and a subway, to name a few. The guy gets around. It's all quite well detailed and nicely textured with some solidly built architectural structures. The ambient sounds do fluctuate from frequent to none, and the shading is minimal in most areas since it gets most of it's lighting atmosphere from the polymer effects.
The map can be pretty tough in a few locations; either due to the minimal amounts of ammunition found in the map, or the slightly confusing path. Avoid enemies if you can, or hope for generous alien drops. If you get lost or confused about where to go, look up. The layout is done well, but some of the platforming is pretty subtle in its presentation. More fun than an empty toilet tissue roll.

Overall I'd give it an 87