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Hi everyone.

You know those 1-way window things Billy Boy did so that you can see out of a building with a roof? I'm having trouble reproducing that. I've tried following James' guide on RTCM but that doesn't seem to work. I've also enabled script expertmode to remove any possible anti-corruption behavior mapster might be doing, still no luck. Am I doing something wrong? Can anyone else get it to work?
At the moment I'm guessing it's Megaton, not that I know how many people are still playing it. IIRC you can still use the original duke 3d in dosbox, and of course there's x/hduke around.

As for me personally, I'm holding out for eduke32. On top of all the minor improvements and conveniences, I imagine reduced lag, no loss of sync, and in-game joining are going to be huge improvments. Oh, and you also don't need to share maps and other files beforehand; only the host needs to have the files.

Another good thing about eduke32 multiplayer is all the mods you can have. Imagine playing WGR2 or AMC TC over coop, as well as finally being able to play some of the AMC TC's multiplayer modes. Plus any other multiplayer-specific mods that may come out.

If only we knew for sure progress is being made on it.
Classic Duke 3D / [Release] Beach CBP
26 February 2014, 09:42:30
Hi everyone,

After more than a year in the making, here's the Beach CBP! An epic adventure with a theme centered on (you guessed it) beaches! One of the lesser done themes in Duke.
The story: Those alien scum have once again ruined Duke's vacation, and it's up to him to fight his way across the beach-covered bay towards the dam to (sigh) deactivate the portal that they're using to transport to Earth. The map is more original than the plot.

It's a large map with over 400 enemies, and will probably take you between 40 minutes and an hour to complete. Included is an original music track by Henri K.

I encourage everyone try try out the map and leave their thoughts. Positive comments only Posted Image Nah all comments are welcome Posted Image

The main mappers for this one are:
Micky C
Heavily polishing was done by Micky C and SuperTanker, with some help from Forge.

With small contributions from:
Captain Awesome

There were others initially involved with the project, and to find out what happened to them, and to see the list of betatesters and other details, read the txt. I'd ask if Forge/Puritan would wait a few days before uploading this to the server in the event there are big issues that we might have missed.
Wasn't quite sure where to put this thread.

So let's see if we can get some kind of order of which country has the best mappers. If there's just one good mapper, that's not enough since that's more of an isolated case. IMO any recognized countries should have at least two quality mappers. Obviously "quality" is a bit vague here but suffice it to say the mappers have to seriously know their stuff.

For example, IIRC Argentina has Gambini and Davox?
And Australia has myself and DanM.
So that's arguably number 1 and 2 already.

You guys probably know who's from where better than I do though.
Community Beach Project / Beta stage and polishing
12 February 2014, 05:25:56
So Undertaker has done a polishing pass of the map, and I've done a little extra on top of that. I've also made the map coop compatible, and with the large number of enemies it should be a good coop map. I'm currently thinking that the skill level 3 should be for coop, but if people disagree we can change that to 4. Currently I added a lot of enemies to the beach section in my segment with a tag of 3.

I encourage everyone in this forum to try it out and give some feedback. Forge, if you're still up for it, you can do some tweaking with the shades and alignments. Maybe add a bit more detail to Supertanker's section which is the underground area and the smallish city bit near the dam.
Duke 3D Resources / Micky C's Mapping Guides
31 January 2014, 06:44:35
As most of you know, my guide to building maps quickly can be found here:

However recently I wrote a new 5500 word guide for beginners on what constitutes a good, fun map (and why). For anyone how's made a map or two, most of this would be common sense, but for someone who has never made a map for any game before and wants to start Duke mapping, this should be highly recommended reading.

For anyone here who could be bothered reading it, I'd be happy to accept advice or criticism for improvement.
Roughly a year ago I started up a project called the "Beach CBP", which was meant to involve a series of sections on a beach front theme. However in my utter stupidity, in an attempt to allow more breathing room I removed the wall limit and spread out the sections across several maps.

Things started out just fine, however over time virtually everyone jumped ship (pardon the pun), leaving 2 half finished maps, and a final map that Maarten's working on alone.

So I really don't feel like finishing up the two maps myself, given the inconsistency in style and quality. There's some good stuff in there though. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to proceed? Whether anyone would be able to help out finishing this thing, or maybe I should simply release what's done and let people play around with it? I wouldn't mind polishing my own section, but I don't have the motivation to touch anyone else's.

Here are some screenshots of the first 2 maps:

Duke 3D Resources / Duke3D Ports
22 December 2013, 00:26:06
Quote from: methy on  21 December 2013, 21:48:40
Also [ACB Studios] doesn''t require eduke32 either, it works in jonof and megaton too, just not in vanilla, but [review pages on this site] probably says that for every map in that case
Yeah that's a good point; all these years if a map used the expanded limits it is said to require eduke32, but now that eduke32 is no longer the solely used expanded limit port, and that some eduke32 maps (e.g polymer, TROR, mods) specifically require eduke32, this could cause some retroactive confusion.
By this stage many of us have started building our parts of the CBP independently. It's great to see so much enthusiasm, and so far all the started sections are turning out quite different, which is great and gives the CBP plenty of variety, while also saving the project a bit of time.

However the problem is there's a lot of inconsistency.

I have a long sandy beach set in the late afternoon
Quakis has a small town set in the day/morning
Drek has a misty cove/cave section
High Treason has a hotel on a beach set on a cloudy night.

The themes and times of day are everywhere. Now although this isn't necessarily a bad thing, it does however affect the order of who's building when. One way I'm thinking of managing it is that those who haven't started building anything yet can go between those sections which have already started and hopefully provide some kind of transition. However it might already be the case that some sections go naturally together. For example, Drek has a dark misty cove, the player could easily move through the caves and emerge near the hotel in HT's section.

I also want the map to end with at least one section by mapper(s) that have released 2 or more maps scoring over 90 at CGS. So Supertanker and Henri K are in, and ironically Quakis is out  :P

Can everyone not listed above please outline roughly what you want to build for your section to help with this?
Community Beach Project / Map Progression
02 February 2013, 08:01:39
This thread is for dealing with actual mapping progress; talking about the current state of the map, and talking about future gameplay/layout/connectivity. Also who's turn it is for mapping etc..

Now I can't see any option to attach files in the "attachments and other options" expansion which is strange, so I'll post my WIP section here with mediafire. I'm quite excited about, I have some great gameplay in mind for this section, especially with the jetty (for example if I wanted to I could make the whole thing explode in a sequence which would be a great set piece).

Quakis can you also upload what you've done so I can have a look at it and see how we should proceed?
Duke 3D Resources / Looking for a map.
31 January 2013, 02:37:31
I remember a really old map that had a lot of sprite work to create a large 3D beach resort hotel or something like that. Would anyone have any idea what I'm talking about? I remember someone saying it ran really slowly when it was released due to all the sprite platforms.
I downloaded it and remember being impressed with the visual design but gameplay sucked  ???
Workbench: Classic Duke 3D / New CBP?
30 January 2013, 10:29:20
There was talk about beaches over at, and it's definitely a theme that's not done very often in Duke, so why not have a beach themed CBP this year? Something inspired by the spirit of Carribean.

Beaches, bunkers, maybe a little holiday resort, and roads/big bridges to move between the different beaches, underwater sections. To add some continuity it might be a nice idea to have it continue off straight from CBP 8, where you emerge from the escape pod, and the area could be littered with debris from the space station where you can pick up high tech weapons. But that's optional.

Any interest? Keep in mind for those of you who are really busy these days but have the mapster itch, this is the best way to release a high quality product with minimal time and effort.
It won't be as ambitious as CBP 8 in terms of TROR architecture, but I can imagine some nice terrain and atmosphere.
I'm lazy, so I'll just link to the thread for info, pics and download.

But it's a huge usermap for WGRealms 2, plus a few minor new features and new boss, with the polymer version being probably the most thoroughly lit Duke maps released to date. Probably even more so than Duke Nukem Eternity.


If it's going to be uploaded here, please wait a bit in case the map has problems. Besides, it'll be hosted at moddb anyway.

CGS Download
Other Games / Random Doom Discussion Thread
06 December 2012, 12:40:34
Every mapping site should have one  :D

I was wondering, which engine is superior i.e can you do more/better stuff with. The Build engine or Doom engine? I'm not talking about about the original engines either, but EDuke32 vs whatever people consider to be the best Doom engine for modding. I'm talking about better level design, better level details, more realistic levels, and of course which engine can produce the most modern looking stuff with the right content, not necessarily all in the same project.
Duke 3D Resources / General Mapster32 Help Thread
20 October 2012, 14:21:12
Tired of making a new thread for every tiny little quick fix problem  ;)

First question:
Is it possible to make a sliding door (SE 15) effect work with touchplates? I've never gotten it to work and it would come in handy.
After 6 months of work, here is Community Build Project 8: Metropolitan Starlight, a huge space-city themed map (file size is 1.1 mb) that will take you anywhere between 30-50 minutes to complete. 25 for Mikko. There was a long beta testing period where a lot of cross-polishing was done where content was added/polished/slightly changed to aim for a more consistent look throughout, while still maintaining the variety that comes with having multiple mappers. So we hope it is worth the wait. There is an original music track by Norvak.

Duke comes out of the rest room to find his beloved domed city in orbit around the Earth has been overrun by aliens. You must explore the city and find a way to unlock the central spire which contains a nuke button that causes the city to self-destruct, as it's the only way to guarantee wiping out all the alien scum before they make it Earth.

The map makes some use of TROR, nothing fancy, just practical, and as a result has been designed for polymer with lights disabled to improve performance, and so things like atomic healths don't spoil secrets. However, if you can't run polymer for whatever reason, the classic renderer is about 97% glitch free (mostly minor sprite clipping issues). HRP is NOT supported. If you use it, there will be models facing the wrong way and clipping through surfaces they shouldn't be. It's up to you.

Installation: IMPORTANT! Due to eduke32's disgusting lack of per-map customizing options (we tried a lot of things which didn't work, no offence eduke developers), for those who don't want to mess around with console commands to disable lights, we've had to include 3 different extra files.
Extract the map and music to your Duke Nukem Atomic edition directory, then do ONE of the following to disable lights:
(1) Open up the console in-game with the "`" (tilde) key, then type "r_pr_lighting 0" without quotation marks and hit enter. To re-enable lights afterwards, so the same as above, but type "r_pr_lighting 1".
(2) Simply extract autoexec.cb8, autoexec.cfg (overwrite any old file) and CB8.bat to your eduke32 directory, and run CB8.bat. It will start the map without lights, and when it's done, the next time you start eduke32 with polymer, lights should be on again.

Here is the list of mappers in order of appearance.
Micky C
Mister Sinister
Maarten van Oostrum
Merlijn van Oostrum
High Treason
Captain Awesome
Quakis (with a William Gee/Merlijn piece in the middle)
Micky C (finale)
CGS - Download
Duke 3D Resources / Sprites and elevators
23 July 2012, 02:30:40
It seems that sometimes sprites move relative to the floor and sometimes they don't. Is there a way to control whether they move with certain effects? For example if I don't want a sprite to move with an elevator platform up.
That other thread was getting too long. So here's one specifically for finishing this thing off.

Here's SuperTanker's report of the map:


Unfortunately, I got stuck at the second (or third?) miniboss fight--the one right after the room with the acid and the yellow keycard in the sewers. I had 20 health and zero weaponry  I suck!

Beyond that though, I only noticed a few things:

In Scent 88, there's two misaligned textures: one at the top of the ramp to the top room (the one you jump out of)--around the corner from the flaming pots, one of the silver wall trim textures is stretched. Downstairs, the metal texture in the Duke Burger spawners is a little odd.

At the street ramp that goes down to where you blow open the hole to the sewer, sometimes a liztroop will get "caught" there--I can't shoot him and he can't shoot me unless I go down the ramp. I think there was a similar issue in Parkade on the ramp leading down from the top of the structure...

In the sewer, the door with the already open brown keycard has no sound (?) and has moving tracks on the walls.

Really random, but I tried going back up to the top of the bachelor pad after I had jumped out the window. But the elevator was already in the top position--I couldn't call it down because it triggered the split door in front of the elevator instead. Annoyed, I ran at it (I know, wrong path) and I somehow glitched into the elevator! ooops.

There was an octabrain corpse in the giant water area after you go down the river from the tall tower (with a wave effect on the floor and ladders on either side), and it kept gibbing. I don't know if this was intentional or not. All the other corpses seemed to disappear...

Don't have much else for you unfortunately. The parts I did get to play fairly were very fun, although I'm a sucky Duke player so I had to reload from saves a lot. I liked all the hidden messages and the quirky high-tech atmosphere was VERY neat. I look forward to seeing the completed map!

Also, listening to Duke Nukem II music while playing was fun, and several other of the stock midis (missimp and names) fit nicely.


Sorry, forgot to mention--my nVidia 8800GTS died, so I had to play on the internal nVidia 6150E. Polymer performance with lights off ranged from 30FPS (good areas) down to 12FPS (bad areas) and sometimes went up and down when I turned around, making aiming a real pain in the neck. So I wasted a lot of ammo.  For people with better video cards, it shouldn't be as much of an issue.

I've fixed the fixable things he mentioned, and replaced one of the pipe bomb boxes in the pillar room with an RPG ammo box, then I went on to take all the remaining walls and add one last thing to the map:

An underwater part to the HUB pool. It's not 100% finished, I still need to tweak texture allignments and things. So is it worth keeping? If so, any suggestions for improvement? Keep in mind the walls are gone. There seems to be a bug at one angle with polymer that I'll take up with plagman. I can delete it in like 5 seconds if people want.

I also tweaked the gameplay in my section so it's closer to what it originally was. And I added some flashing coloured lights to my bachelor pad, but a small amount of the sectors over the bed are flashing differently to the others. Things like this really make me feel like a noob  :-\
Any help there? I promise it's the last thing I'll ask help for  ;D

Please take at least a quick look as this could be the final version of the map (Gambini will probably change that though). I won't be able to work on the map for about 36 hours so I won't be making changes any time soon.
I'm trying to make a ceiling door that's closed, and when you press a switch, it opens and closes repeatedly, I've tried experimenting around with SE 10s and things, but nothing worked. Any ideas?
There's no "general mapping discussion" subforum so it might as well go here, unless someone thinks of a better place.

How many maps have you officially released compared to what you completely gave up on and deleted (or are uselessly sitting on your hard drive for nostalgia)? Also, what about those maps that you keep telling yourself that you're going to work on but really you're never going to touch again, at least not for a few years?

I've released 3 maps (if you count Parkade) and 4 mini maps (which I'll count as one map). So 4 so far.
I'm planning on releasing about 5 more over the next year or two for various TCs, and CBP 8, which makes (hopefully) 6 in the future.

I have at least 4 attempted maps that I can remember, although each one had a lot of tweaking before I finally gave up on them, so much so that they'd probably count as 7 or 8 maps, haha. So 4 that are abandoned.

And I have 1 map that I'm kind of sitting on that was designed for classic vanilla Duke that I might get back to eventually.

But at the moment, my ratio is 4:4:1 for released:abandoned:sitting on. So about 50/50 for released/non-released.