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Classic Duke 3D / [RELEASE] BattleDuke
08 June 2022, 13:32:40
Hello! Here's my brand new episode called BattleDuke, actually my first episode for the vanilla game since 2009!

It's 7 new small maps, where every enemy you're fighting with is a Battlelord! They have twice as much health than usual, so if it doesn't sound like your cup of tea, don't play it!

Each map was made within 24 hours periods, so 7 maps was made in 7 days. Testing and fixing/polishing took over a month though.

You have to use strategy and all the skills in order to beat these guys! Some levels you start without weapons, some you carry the weapons from previous map, but in any case each map was designed with pistol-start in mind. Don't forget to use Holoduke when you have it and remember: each bullet counts! It'll be a real bummer when you're just a pistol shot away from victory and you didn't get it in the end. Sure, you can speedrun the whole thing, and don't kill all the enemies, but will it make you a man? No, it will make a chicken! You have enough ammo on each level, so try to 100% it, okay?  ::)

Thanks to Ninety-Six for a detailed report of each map, he really helped me to polish the maps (without changing my vision of the project) and pointed some fatal flaws in the process.

The whole thing was inspired by the Faces of Death map from L.A. Meltdown. I like this map since it's a real challenge even for a seasoned player. I started adding Battlelords on some dukematch maps, then decied to make levels designed specifically with battlelords in mind.
I don't know how you'll react to this episode. You either love it or hate it.

So, enjoy (?) this episode.  :)

CGS review/download

Classic Duke 3D / [RELEASE] Dark Station
05 January 2020, 11:39:08
Here's Alien-inspired map that Puritan might be interested in.  ;D

Dark Station is a sequel and at the same time kinda prequel to Dark Seed, the space-themed map I released 2 years ago (can't beelive it's that long ago already). I'd say that Alien: Isolation was the major source of inspiration this time, and there's a whole room dedicated to Aliens movie as well. In contrast to Dark Seed, there's no viewscreens with walls of text to read - I decided to make the map speak for itself! There's 3 distinctive chapters in the map, which will have different types of exploration, from slow to hectic to crazy!

I'd say that it's a little bit more spookier this time around, and midway through it goes into survival horror territory! Save your ammo and use holoduke if you want to live! No music this time around; please don't use any while playing. Also update your eduke - the old builds (6+ months old) ruins the expierence because of some door-related issues. Modern builds have some annoying sprites-ducking issues, but otherwise it's fine.
It's not action-heavy map, but you'll move around a lot and it's kinda spooky, it must be be entertaing for some! I hope you'll enjoy it!

CGS download / review
Classic Duke 3D / [RELEASE] Winterfall
17 October 2016, 03:43:28
After a few days of R&R, Duke Nukem returned to his work for EDF.
Now he's a Detective Nukem and his job is to look after the Little Bigville,
the little snow town on the edge of nowhere....


Here's my brand new map, called "Winterfall". Made with classic mode in mind.
I started my work on this map just a month ago, and due to having tons of free time on my hands, I managed to finish it by now(actually the map was finished about 2 weeks ago, I just forgot that we have another forum down there ::) )! This is probably the quickiest map I've ever done, but at the same time, this is my biggest - bigger than DoomBOX actually, but in fact the gameplay area is smaller. I included the theme from "The Thing" as the soundtrack, hope it fits.

Special thanks to Merlijn, James Stanfield and Zykov Eddy for the beta-testing. You're the best, guys!

Have fun!

CGS - review/download
Classic Duke 3D / [RELEASE] DoomBOX
07 March 2016, 16:53:31
Hello everybody!
This is my new map called DoomBOX. It's small, tiny canyon/outdoor map which I hope you will enjoy.  ;)

IMPORTANT: The map is heavily relies on use of jetpack, so watch for the fuel!

Before you play it I want to say that I'm glad that I finally released something. It's not as good and detailed as Bridge Between Two Islands, and it's not very good from a techical standpoint (there are a lot of misaligned textures - I really tried to fix it, but there are still a lot of them), but I have a lot of fun while making it.  Thanks to Merlijn, Sixty Four and Zykov Eddy for beta-testing!


CGS review / download
Workbench: Classic Duke 3D / [WIP] Edge of Eternity
27 February 2015, 00:06:46
Hi all. :)
I'm working on a new space map called "Edge of Eternity". This map will have some action, but it will be more story-driven kind of map, with some cinematic music as the main mood creator. I can't tell you the plot now, but the main character of the map is not Duke Nukem, just a random astronaut. I don't think some of you may be satisfied with the finished product, because it's NOT a detail-heavy map (you can see it by pics even right now), but OMG, I think it will be my biggest map ever! No any release dates right now, but I work on it pretty fast, and I'll think I finish this map within a year.

Classic Duke 3D / [RELEASE] Personal Storm
26 January 2015, 15:36:04

Hi all...this is my new map, called "Personal Storm" (completed in just 5 days!). It was released on duke4 earlier this month, but it seems that I just forgot to post it here lol. :P
It's another "experimental" map, in the wake of "Cold In November", but there's no any dream/bizzare sequences, except the little teleport area. It's just a little story that I want to tell through the mapster. You have to read the pages on the wall to understand the story, and hit the buttons to complete the level. And don't forget to turn the music on!
It's the story of disillusioned writer who left everyone and now all alone in the house located on the shore, with his personal problems. In some ways, this map is some kind of reaction to the things that happened in my own life, and such maps like this has been done. So, here's the download link:
Duke 3D Modifications / [WIP] LUNAR APOCALYPSE TC
02 November 2014, 19:20:19
Hi bros!
I'm working on a new EPISODE called "Lunar Apocalypse". I think it will have about 5 levels in it, including the introduciton map, which is almost done. I want to add some kind of a story here, dialogs, sounds and music, new weapons, NPC's and even cutscenes, but without using any Duke Atomic textures and features, to make the overall episode like the sequel of the original "Lunar Apocalypse". I don't mean that I re-create the original levels, I mean that the action in this new episode takes place in the Moon years after the original game's story has ended.

Of course, such kind of a project requires some help. I want to make the maps by myself, but if you knew CON code well (especially to create texts/dialogs) and want to help me with this, you're welcome. I study some of a code myself right now, but I'm not sure that can make a good-working stuff, like the guys who did it for years.

Some screenshots. All, except the last one, is from the "INTROLAP.MAP".  Posted to imgur,  Commander. ;)

I don't want to set any dates of release now. People say that I'm always rush my projects to release ASAP, so, I want to dedicate more time to this project than usual.
[re-posted from Duke4  :P]
Classic Duke 3D / [RELEASE] Return to Taygeta
25 October 2014, 22:47:05

15 years after Duke's mission on planet Taygeta, he have to return here to eliminate these alien bastards once again! This is an old, abandoned map of mine, which I started back in 2010, but skipped then. So, I continuted it month ago and here it is...

I've always loved Ray Tracer's work. The Multimania site was one of the first sites where I downloaded really good Duke maps when I got the interntet connection, after years of playing only user maps from Nuke It CD. And Taygeta was one of the first really good maps that I've played. It's one of my childhood favorites, and I want to pay a little tribute to it. Hope you like it!


CGS - review/download
Classic Duke 3D / [RELEASE] Cold in November
27 September 2014, 02:11:46

Hi all...this is my new map, called "Cold in November". It's a little bit experimental kind of map. There's no enemies, no weaponry or items. I just want to tell a little story through the mapster, which I hope you understand guys. It's about 4-5 minutes to finish, so it's not take much of your time. Have fun!

CGS - download/review

Download link:
Classic Duke 3D / [RELEASE] LORCH 3
03 August 2014, 22:41:31

The third map in the seires. 8)
Thanks to MRCK for his help with shadows and some minor polishing things. I'm sorry, but I don't have time to add any new screenshots now...

I hope you like it...

Duke 3D Resources / Adding new sprites
09 June 2014, 01:14:57
Can someone explain me how to add new sprites to the game? I was try to add one, but I get it as a texture instead! :(
Hi all. :)
I would like to write about the problem here...
After about five months of work on the map, I came to the point where I almost got stuck and I can't do anything. I don't like what I'm doing. The problem is indoor locations. As much as I tried,  I can't make them good - the last time I greatly improved my skills in outdoor mapping, but not in indoor part.

And I want to ask all of you - is there anyone who want to work with me on indoor locations of LORCH 3? If you think you can make a good city maps, write here or PM. I hope there's someone who wants to, because I think we can turn really awesome map of what is done now. It will be too sad if it will be frozen.
It's not another LORCH map, but something that I hope you'll enjoy while waiting for new Merlijn's blockbuster.

Duke's mission is to destroy the big gun on the top of the island. To do that he have to get to the top of the first island, cross the bridge and finally destroy that BFG on the second island.

You can download it here:

I want to say thanks to DavoX for some of his early feedback and also I want to say a lot about Zykov Eddy. Eddy watched the production of the  map from the very first sector, and his feedback, support and encouragement helped me a lot. The thing that also helped me is the truck made of sprites that he made. I wanted to do it, but it turns out badly, and I was busy in other parts of the map, so, I asked my good old pal Eddy to help a me a little.

So, have fun, I hope you enjoy it.

EDIT: There is a little bug that was fixed, please, re-download!

CGS - review / download
Classic Duke 3D / [RELEASE] LORCH 2
15 June 2013, 10:03:29
So, this is the second LORCH map. It's even smaller than the first one, and again it's heavily roch-inspired, but I hope that someone will like it.
Download link:

If you remember, it was a story in the LORCH: Abducted. This time, I completely forgot about it, and decided that the story will continue in the following maps. Now I just wrote something in a text file. :P

I want to say thanks to all beta-testers and especially to Merlijn. Without his work in my previous map the LORCH serie would not be possible. :)

CGS Download
Workbench: Classic Duke 3D / LORCH maps
22 May 2013, 17:26:33
Well, I know it's not as important as ck3D's latest epic, but hey, since LORCH is going to be a series of city maps, I thought it would be nice if all maps connected with each other  will be in one topic, why not?

Shots of the second LORCH:
Some of you is already saw this screenshot of part of the street that's not completed:

It's being said that the first map was a Roch-like thing, and someone is also said that this particular shot reminds of of the early Roch maps. I will not hide the fact that I started doing this all after playing Pascal's maps, and this new shot is definitely remind you about something.

General Discussion / When community has changed
05 January 2013, 01:54:35
There is some changes in the community that I don't like and it's certainly doesn't good.
We hit a slump with the release of Duke Nukem Forever, and we've been picking up speed lately, but there are some changes with community with which we had to stay in forever.  The number of good releases are still dwindling, and in case of bring more attention to the project, merely all of that "new" mappers brings new eduke32 trick to change the shape and effect of the maps - TROR, but in effect, maps that was already released with TROR don't add much to the gameplay, but the maps still have to be presented as something really good. Add Polymer-oriented map and you will have a smash hit in your hands!
There is no record that the playes ever especially liked TROR, or could even remember whether or not a map was in the TROR, but once it was installed there was no turning back for "new" mappers. 

But even if map have to get some feedback, it's been very small. The only way get that kind of attention as 2-3 years ago is to release big TC'S (kinda AMC TC) or BIG maps ( kinda CBP 8 ). Zykov Eddy's "Slender's Woods" is appreciated as summer-movie blockbuster (which "new" guys try to set in their maps), but it's hardy have any connection with Duke3D.
But what really shocked me is that guys on forums. They post some shots from their projects, but it seems that their target is not to release something, but to get more reputation points.

Probably it sounds very strange to some of you, but that what I fell at the moment. :(
Classic Duke 3D / [RELEASE] LORCH: Abducted
21 December 2012, 21:30:15
Well, here it is, a new city map by Sanek & Merlijn! Download link:

It's a small city map, and as Merlijn said, it's roch-like level on a smaller scale, with some touches of the red series and original 3dr style. "LORCH2 stands "Lots of Roaring Chewing Hams", and word "Abducted" is connected with a story, which some of you can find interesting. ;)

Some screens:

We hope you will enjoy it!

CGS - Download

Duke 3D Resources / Canyon-style design problem
30 September 2012, 11:21:50
I just discovered that canyon-style-themed maps releases are don't quite regular as the releases of the city or space themed maps. IMO, the main problem is that canyon maps simply don't have such variety in design as city maps do. Generaly, such maps is created for the gameplay sake, really good design doesn't matter.
I think that the main problem is that the walls around the player looks a little bit empty, but maybe it doesn't matter, I don't know.
If we just make the empty maze with a lots of enemies, the whole map will have a look like this:

But we can add some rocks and sprites around that, and it will have a look like this:

Or that:

Well, it looks a little bit more detailed, but we still have one big, major problem - the repetions of all that things(like in Mister Sinister's Canyon or my parts of Wide Open Spaces. I think that it doesn't so bad if you want to make this map for the gameplay sake, but we have some exceptions, when the action takes place mainly in desert(not like Henri's maps) and looks good, or average. I just show some screenshots from Allan Page' map, WESTWUZ1:

Probably I just don't play much canyon-style maps(don't give me any links to such maps!), but I think it's will be good if we have discussion about that. Probably I even make a map in such style(like in the first three shots), but I don't know if I have time...
Well, what you think?
Duke 3D Resources / Wanting to map again
27 August 2012, 19:58:11
Hi all.
I don't have to release anyting for almost two years. I usually have to do the "supervising" kind of work for my project, but I don't even launch mapster until this summer. And finally, in august, I started work on new map, and I just want know - what kind of response I will get now - because I will not improve since 2010, and soon you will have the typical city map in your hands. Is it still sceptical opinions about me and my work in community?
And two another questions. I don't have to update mapster since March 2011. Is it worth to download new version? Is it still comfortable?
About TROR. Every map of today should have this feature?
And...can you give me some advices about things that I don't have to do(like I do in my previous maps;weapons ratio, for example), and I have to do?
Thank you anyway...
Hello. What you think about drafts idea("mapping drafts") for community projects? Or more systematic organization of productions with lots of people?

For example, project will have a supervisor(s), who have to oversee the whole production of the map(s) and fix and add everything that regular mapper don't add. Also, project will have an effects supervisor(s), who supervise the effects.
Here is the whole example of what mapping draft means: