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Duke 3D Modifications / [RELEASE] Mario Kart battle stages
« on: August 01, 2013, 10:05:56 AM »
Lately, I've been remaking Mario Kart battle stages in Duke Nukem 3D... (just MK64 for now, but I'm considering other Mario Kart games as well)

One way I'm trying to add originality is by, in addition to just remaking the stages, making expanded/extended versions. (usually named "____ X", but only if I can't come up with anything better)

For now:
- Block Fort
- Block Fort X
- Big Donut
- Big Donut X

[attachment deleted by admin]

Classic Duke 3D / Some old maps I made...
« on: June 18, 2013, 08:16:42 PM »
Here's a bunch of old DukeMatch maps of mine that I haven't actually worked on in years, and I'm only calling them "finished" because I'm not working on them and they're reasonably close to being done...they're all kind of derpy, to be honest, especially - "Basic Airborne Research Facility" - It's a big derpy...airplane out in the middle of the ocean or something. The biggest problem with this one is that it has too many areas with nothing going on in them, and not enough windows to the outside. - "Double Deck" - Based on the Double Deck from Mario Kart 64. - "Triple Deck" - Like, but expanded with even more spritework to a third..."deck". (The items on the higher levels get a bit derpy; I at least wanted something up there.)
For both of these maps, I had to build all the "railings" on the map, as well as all the platforms and stuff above the lowest level, entirely of spritework. I couldn't use ramps like MK64 did, so I used stairways instead. (For the sake of consistency, even the lowest level has stairs, even though they're sector floors and are therefore slope-able.)
Both of these maps suffer from some sprite view-clipping problems (such as railings being visible through the floor below them); that's because, among other reasons, I don't see a good way to make the railings visible from on top of but not through the floor they're attached to, and because I don't think the sprite alignment feature was designed for something this complicated, especially all in the same area. (edit: It turns out, these problems only happen with the "classic" rendering mode, which Mapster was using at the time...)

(I'm new to this, and may be failing to do something important when posting this...just bear with me.)

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