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Duke 3D Modifications / Duke Forces
15 February 2016, 22:49:48

And here's a movie of the WIP TC:

Hey. So...I'm trying to decide how to distribute Duke Forces. It's got lots of textures, sprites and sounds from Dark Forces, also some fan made stuff and custom stuff. It's got lots of music tracks from Jedi Outcast (which themselves were edits of movie music). Also a few textures and models from Outcast/Academy.

The issue here is that Star Wars is a big deal IP owned by Disney. If I put this out there as a "free game" then I'm afraid it will get a cease and desist. My gut tells me that if I release it as a mod of Duke 3D (requiring players to have Duke 3D installed) then that will dramatically shrink the user base and it will fly under the radar. Then again, it may fly under the radar in any case.

Could I release it on Mod DB and get away with it? What about other sites/methods of distribution? Any insights would be appreciated.

By the way, I made this CGS account so that I could get in touch with some old Dukers who don't hang out at

EDIT: I forgot to mention, my planned initial release date is May the 4th