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Classic Duke 3D / [RELEASE] Koodbool
01 January 2023, 14:30:59
Morning and a happy new year, ladies and gents. Today, I'm bringing a new map, made in a week. Enjoy Koodbool (if you can!)

File and screenshots here:

CGS review / Download
Classic Duke 3D / [RELEASE] Poison Heart
27 February 2019, 01:35:30
Hey, here's my new map. Poison Heart is a snowy city / Xmas-themed / hi-tech level that should last you about 50 mins on your first playthrough. See the .txt file for details! Hope you enjoy.

Download link here

CGS - review/download
Peep screenshots & grab the files here !

Hope you enjoy...

All the best

CGS Download
Classic Duke 3D / [RELEASE] Siebenpolis
25 October 2014, 19:30:09
Get the map and see a screenshot here :

"A city at night with mostly vertical action.

The player is supplied with a jetpack and a credit of 50 refills near the beginning of the map.

Use that gift in order to explore the buildings everywhere in the city, and find 8 switches to unlock your way to the exit.

You will also have to find 2 keycards (both yellow).

There is no set order to unlock anything, as a result the map is very unlinear.

Also the entire map has been given palette #7 for a 'black and white' effect. Fellow mapper Taivo Maripuu originally came up with this idea a while back, in an old multiplayer map of his called 'Seven'. I always loved the look of it ; now I made it mine and pushed it even further (this map is single player and like 20 times bigger).

One last thing to be noted about this map is that its designing process was 100% different from everything I had made before. Instead of designing every single room and area one by one, only to then improvise the next one 'on the go', this time I chose to draw the entire outline of the map at once (as the very first thing I did to it), which resulted in a huge empty area that I then had to fill up with textures and details in order to make it look like something. A process that took me over a year (on and off - I don't get to play games and make levels that often). Having that huge area to work on as a basic canvas made it a lot easier for me to implement the vertical action, and design an interconnected layout.

I wish you a pleasant experience.

Security cameras and hints are thrown everywhere in the map in case you get stuck. If you are missing a key, look for writings on the walls near their respective locks."

CGS - review/download
Classic Duke 3D / [RELEASE] Hibernal Solstice
06 December 2013, 06:00:04
Download link and screenshots :

'Hi, here is my newest offering called Hibernal Solstice, along with the maps I made for the Metropolitan Mayhem episode this is one of the quickest levels I have made, I only spent three days on it. It is a basic city map with fairly minimalistic detailing, the main idea is that even though it is based around a small block with very few amenities you get to use time machines / teleporters to visit it several times in different contexts, I hope you like it and find it fun to play. I would say that it is of easy / medium difficulty and a full playthrough should take you between 10 and 20 minutes of your time.

I attached screenshots because I know some people find it convenient to get a glimpse of what they are about to download but really the shots kind of suck because there isn't much fanciness to display, the map is all about sheer fun. I hope you will like it.'

CGS - Download
Duke is a bum, who has sheltered himself in an abandoned warehouse, itself located in the old industrial district of a vague french town in the countryside. It's a cold winter morning and the sound and shock of explosions in the near vicinity jolt him out of sleep. It isn't going to take long for him to realize that the entire area is under heavy attack. Being unarmed, he is critically overwhelmed. Help him make his way to the train station - his only chance of survival.

Please read the included 'read me' file (in addition to the usual authoring template) as the gameplay in this map is a lot different from more classic levels :

- No weaponry (and you are facing some of the toughest beasts in the game) ;
- No key cards, you have to collect money and use ATM's ;
- Very limited amount of health packs, all located at the same strategic spot, as well as very few inventory items ;

Said .txt file covers all the info you need more extensively.

Please play in classic 8-Bit mode only. Polymost and, as far as I know, Polymer, seem to render parallexed skies differently and thus will cause some unintended cosmetic glitches, more particularly some of the bigger sprite structures will look off in anything but 8 bbp.

Have fun with this one, hopefully.

CGS review/download
in the speakers corner thread i recently posted about how i just managed to recover a bunch of 10+ year-old maps of mine from an old hard drive. some people seemed to want to know more, so i just took a bunch of screenshots in mapster. if enough people want me to upload one of said maps, or get one of the unfinished files in order to keep working on it and see what they can do, we can work something out.

here are the screenshots along with a short description for each map. some of the levels are very very old, including my very first mapping attemps from 2001-ish so a lot of it is laughable, i am still posting everything just for the sake of it.

war zone map, 2002 | status : abandoned

a map set in a war zone setting, the basic idea was that duke finds himself on a hospital bed in the infirmary, everyone else on his camp is dead and the aliens are attacking, he is supposed to struggle and fight his way through the building of his own base in order to make it to the fighting field, then to the aliens base in order to stop them all by himself as the only survivor, i had big plans for this one in mind for its time but my mapping skills were too undeveloped to implement everything i felt like implementing, due to the frustration of not being able to express my vision properly i lost all inspiration and ditched this one.

time traveller episode, 2002 | status : playable

horrible looking episode i made when i was 14, influenced by the duke nukem time to kill storyline, duke finds a time machine in the first level then gets to explore what is supposed to represent different eras of history, the design is terrible and the gameplay sucks ass too but it was fun getting my hands back on it after all this time. boss fight was a rooftop fight similar to the idea i gave to Mikko for one of the metropolitan mayhem boss maps (i didn't even remember i had built it before myself !), except a lot shittier of course, although i still do like the idea of implementing jetpacks.

___, 2002 / 2003 | status : abandoned

this one actually had some potential, it is yet another school map i started soon after i finished (available on this website to this day, yes was also a school map even though it doesn't ressemble a school in anyway), i never went as far as building more than just a couple of corridors but it wasn't necessarily taking a bad turn.

___, 2002 | status : horrible

i wanted to build a theme park, but had no mapping skills whatsoever, this is what ensued. this one is never leaving my hard drive again.

___, 2003 | status : abandoned

another one that had potential, this one featured a party house in the middle of the woods and a three-story mansion, even though i only really finished the first floor and a half. i really wanted to make it a good map, however i did run out of inspiration, some of the design was heavily influenced by my favorite looking map back then, an obscure and intricate multiplayer map called that was around on most shovelware cds of way back when

random house maps, 2002. | status : playable for the most part, yet horrible

for some reason when i was a kid i really liked building houses. i made like half a dozen versions of my parents' house (screens 1 & 2 are two different versions of the same room), which later extended to my neighborhood and resulted in the first anarchy city maps. you might recognize the playground in the backyard from anarchy city 1 or one of the metropolitan mayhem boss maps.

unfinished high tech map, 2005. | status : abandoned

i had really big plans for this one with a lot of complicated effects that were not around yet before all those new mods like duke plus or eduke32 enhancement came along, with no .con hacking whatsoever either, that included duke bots (kind of like in red 4 except pushed even further) and useable space suits amongst other things. stopped working on it for a while because of a stupid two way train effect that refused to work, then eventually all the new features came along and the map became obsolete for itself. shame because i was actually really enjoying working on it, but ran out of inspiration.

final assault episode, 2002. | status : playable

another noobish full episode, although slightly more polished and coherent than the time traveller one. obvious lack of shading and detail, the maps are short and rushed. half a dozen of SP maps, a boss map, a multiplayer map and a secret map (which is a recreation of the first level of Duke Nukem II, see screen 5). the boss map was an arena where the player could trigger explosions by activating certain switches in a different order in order to harm the boss, which i still haven't seen much anywhere else.

___ from 2002. | status : playable

kind of like an early version of anarchy city II based on the same real-world place, with less indoor areas and action overall, but an extra outdoor mall even though it's cramped and not that good looking. i was really psyched on this level after i finished it, but never released it because i thought anarchy city II was better, and it probably is. a bunch of modified enemies such as pigcops shooting mortars and RPGs in this one (like in most old maps of mine), which didn't mix well with the overall crampedness.

anarchy city 1 remake from 2005 | status : abandoned

thought i had a more advanced version of this map laying around somewhere but i can't seem to find it. the version i have now is just this building, and the rebuilt backyard i recycled in one of the boss maps of metropolitan mayhem. the other version had an extra street and building. whatever

city map from 2005 | status : abandoned

not much to say about this one. just a building with a couple of rooms and an elevator, followed by an unfinished street section. pretty sure i had a more recent version of it around somewhere with another building, whatever, not even worth trying to find it.

a bunch of old shitty maps from 2001 / 2002. first mapping attempts ever. | status : playable, but terrible

hyped i managed to find those maps again, even though they suck hairy balls, these were some of my very first mapping attempts. screen 1 is a terrible recreation of the goldeneye 64 bunker level. screens 2 and 7 are from the original clerey map (1.0, first map i ever released was version 2.0, it was available on dn-r for a short while and while still questionable, it at least looked a bit more decent and somewhat convincing). screen 3 and 4 are from a shitty house map. screens 5 and 6 are from the original notre-dame des aydes map (1.0, version 2.0 is hosted on this site to this day). screen 8 features the same real-world outdoor mall as the one that is in

Classic Duke 3D / [RELEASE] Wide Awake !
17 October 2012, 11:40:16
A city block at night. Local amenities include a swimming pool, apartments, a grocery store, a sewer system and more. Duke wakes up in his hotel room, finds out that the city is under attack, yadda yadda, you think you know the deal, this time around you will have to figure out a way to get to that boss though...

This map was started as a practice map on my mother's laptop while I was visiting (I had not touched the editor in months and suddenly felt like seeing how rusty I had become), I eventually kept working on it on and off on different computers once back home as it was quickly growing and it eventually turned into this. I hope you will enjoy playing it as much as I enjoyed making it...

In this map I wanted to focus on the gameplay, layout and feel rather than on just throwing in massive amounts of decoration and eye-candy, in the end this level is in fact very much in the vein of the maps I contributed to the Metropolitan Mayhem episode and I personally find that it feels like some kind of original duke 3D level / lameduke map hybrid with some bits of modernish style here and there (does that make any sense ?).

Oh and this level is primarily intended to be played in classic mode, be it 8 or 32 bit, of course feel free to play it whatever way you want but I am not sure it is going to look very good if you use, say, the HRP or any novelty of the sort. It does not go over the old Build limits either (with only 627 sectors, 4661 walls, and 1740 sprites), and is fully playable with just an OG version of the Atomic Edition. No new art, no music, no new cons, just a plain, old-school styled map release.

now off to do some laundry... gah

CGS - Download