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Hi, I would need some idea to realize a little trick.

What I want is a looped ambiant sound, which starts playing by a one-time touchplate when entering a room.
After that, a switch should allow the player to stop the sound... And also, it must work only one time. The switch shouldn't trigger the sound a second time after that, having only the mission to stop it.

Uuuuhhh ? Ok, I'm giving some explanation about the application : you're going into a corridor, and there a phone starts ringing. After that, you approach the phone (provided you have the reflex to do so in the game) and push the use key, so to "pick up the phone" with an invisible switch ; This must stops the ring (and beside, also play a pick up sound and a following weird communication sound effect but that's another part...)

For the moment, I used a touchplate linked to an activator & external sector SE20, which play the sound when activated - but one single time! - instead of being looped. If there was a way so that the phone never stop ringing, excepted when "you pick up the phone", when a switch stops it... Any idea or other way to do ?

So finally after 9 months of work, I'm giving birth to this two-maps episode including many innovations.


The map is designed and meant to be played with HRP / Polymost.
(See .txt file for more details about other mode).

This new episode takes place in a mill town under the grips of an agressive alien presence. The city now seems mostly abandoned on its own and
immerses players into a sordid and realistic industrial complexs. New sounds package and music level are joined to sustain an already strong ambiance.

Given the size of the file exceeding 30 Mo, I couldn't post it here directly.
Here is the link to download it :

On the page, choose "Click here to start download from sendspace" (other download buttons are just adverts)
Unzip the .rar file (not the zip) in your DN main folder, and run the .bat file.

Screenshots below gives a preview ;

CGS - Review/Download

[attachment deleted by admin]

Site News & Feedback / CGS Forum Tracking on search engines
« on: June 25, 2013, 09:15:31 PM »
Hello everybody.

I should maybe point out a downside about the fact one can't find the CGS website during a research... let's take the google search engine, to give an example.
And I think it's a little sad for many of those who have never heard about CGS and other websites related, and are willing to come back to the game after a long time
and find maps.

Maybe you feel this point irrelevant ? Otherwise I've made a little test first by typing "duke nukem 3d" and I've fallen with in the first result page.
No other website were mentionned after that, even not in the other ten pages ! (well I didn't really went so far but...)   :-\

In a second time, I've tried with "duke nukem 3d maps", and this time I've found :
- DN Repository at the top of the results.
- Mikko Sandt website comes further but still in the first page.
- Ck3d website appears in the second page, thus clearly visible...

Now CGS remains invisible while it's one of the best quality website. So there is no tracking in any case.
Excepted one thing, when I try "come get some" I find CGS... in the second page. But of course, who will think type this first so to find DN3D, recent stuff or related forums when the guy doesnt know ?

Is there anything foreseen in the future for improvement ?

Duke 3D Resources / user.con issues
« on: May 11, 2013, 05:12:21 PM »
Hi everybody.

I have much troubles with using any user.con file in the main directory, even the original one !
I'll need furtherly to use a personalised user.con file for a new episode I'm gonna release, but all the sh*t I get when trying is this :

EDuke32 2.0.0devel r3345
Compiled Dec 29 2012 07:41:10
Using X:/Jeux/Duke Nukem 3D (Polymer)/ for game data
Windows XP Service Pack 3 (build 5.1.2600)
Initialized nedmalloc
Initializing DirectDraw...
Searching for game data...
Using "DUKE3D.GRP" as main game data file.
Using group file "autoload/".
Compiling: GAME.CON (149972 bytes)
Including: DEFS.CON (35992 bytes)
Including: USER.CON (43471 bytes)
USER.CON: At top level:
USER.CON:397: error: expected a keyword but found `'.
GAME.CON:3940: warning: found `else' with no `if'.
GAME.CON: In state `pigshootenemystate':
GAME.CON:5863: warning: found `else' with no `if'.
Found 2 warning(s), 1 error(s).

What are all these errors in con files ? Maybe I don't even have the good original and flawless con files to start with...
Somebody could tell ?

Duke 3D Resources / Prevent a monster to drop ammos when it dies
« on: February 01, 2013, 07:18:08 PM »
Hi everyone.

Is there any way to prevent an enforcer to drop a chaingun (as it sometimes happens) when he's killed ? Because this is changing a lot the gameplay when you're starting a map and you're supposed to have only the shotgun and the pistol in the beginning, and certainly not a chaingun with a lot of ammunitions (50 bullets or the chaingun !) each time you kill one (dropping stuff when killed happens too often !).

Duke 3D Resources / elapsed time
« on: December 18, 2012, 01:10:10 PM »
 ??? humm... How do you got the elapsed time in the left lower corner when you're playing ?
I already search for it in a code list, I even tried DNTIME.
That's how the noob question occur...  :-[

Duke 3D Resources / Make unbreakable sprites breakable
« on: October 25, 2012, 07:59:25 PM »
I'm trying to make a fun trick while detailing a map : here is the picture, you're going to laugh.

It's maybe something light and unrelevant, but the issue itself could be encountered in any other circumstances. I know, here it's just a glass !

Ok, I hope you're still fascinated by the question : when I shoot the glass, the liquid cocktail and the lime remains. It's a combat zone, so it will necessarily happens that a lost bullet or explosion will break all this stuff, excepted the tiles used nr #63 & #64.

You'll necessarily think why that guy comes with such an issue, but I'm interested by the technical aspect of the problem.
What if I want to make some tiles "breakable", so they blow up like the glasses ? I know the opposite - making breakable sprite "unbreakable" - is difficult and need codes or invisible blocking extra sprites which won't protect from blast radius.

Hope I won't attract lightning on me with this topic  ::)

[attachment deleted by admin]

Duke 3D Resources / Problem with new sounds / doesn't work properly
« on: October 21, 2012, 10:05:33 PM »

I've got a problem with this : I have made my own barmusic.voc sound to replace the original one (born to be wild). I put it in the game folder, and also a copy in a specific folder with the user map.

The .VOC file is in mono / 16 bits, size 1632 ko.

When I'm mapping, this new .voc file is perfectly working in the editor, I can hear it in 3D mode (I'm working with Polymer version).

But once I launch the game and load my map (from the game folder or from a specific folder, I tried both), I just hear the old bar music, the new file doesn't work. At the past, just puting the new file(s) in your main folder was enough to make it work properly, provided the file format was correct.

Well, now it's different ; I don't know how to proceed to make the sound file work properly also in the game ! So that's how comes the noob question. ::)

...and I don't feel like touching at the .con files or whatsoever - excepted if there's no other way - my purpose being to limitate the files number to go with the future map and to make it easier as I possibly could.

So anyone could help and tell where the problem comes from ?
Many thanks.

Duke 3D Resources / Camera at the ceiling, watching down to the floor
« on: September 27, 2012, 12:57:19 PM »
Hi everyone,

Is it possible to set up camera with a vertical angle of view, I mean so that when you're looking at the viewscreen you'll have a top view of the room (totally from above) while the camera is centered at the ceiling. The angle would be pointing the bottom direction instead of being forward.


Duke 3D Resources / Mapster32 - Mouse Aiming troubles in 3D mode
« on: July 23, 2012, 11:13:39 AM »

I've now some troubles with texturing in 3D mode with mapster32.
When the mouse pointer is on a wall part, pointing on a specific texture, in reality there is an offset of the position on the screen so that I'm in reality pointing somewhere beside. I've already tried several screen resolution which affects more and less that problem but didn't resolve it.

Anyone has an idea to help me how to "calibrate" the cross mouse so that, when I'm aiming a precise surface on the screen, I'm exactly on the right position ?

General Discussion / Duke Repository
« on: July 19, 2012, 08:53:14 PM »
Hi, I can still notice that the downloading rate on Duke Repository is still impressive !  :o

The numbers of visitors is huge : even today our old maps stayed there are still more downloaded than the new releases posted on other present forums... or if not, then I've got hallucinations !

To give an example which I can remind exactly, "" had been downloaded around 900 times barely two months ago. It's over 1000 now... this only for an "average map". I noticed that for other maps too, I'm not mentioning the famous ones. But in the same period new maps aren't downloaded so many times and disseminated on present forums, even like

Gamers seems to be used of this place like never, or it's me ? It's probably logic for it's one of the best inventory I'll dare to say.

Who now possesses this website ? If abandonned, isn't it possible to recover it enterily or take the control of it (cause puritan I think was one of the administrators) and hope to post our new maps also there ? Or maybe is it intended to be replaced one day by this current website (scent88) ?

Classic Duke 3D / New release : hamilton pool
« on: July 01, 2012, 11:24:17 AM »
Hi, here is something fresh for you.

This is a short map (>5min-<10min) but pretty cool. There are several ways to play it, that's not so linear.
I decided to share it today cause - while this litte level was a "personal" map - it has known evolutions for many years so far and is very nice now.
So I think it worths the release.

CGS Download

Duke 3D Resources / trigger when monster is dying
« on: June 29, 2012, 12:23:56 PM »
Hi everybody,

As the title says, is it possible to shoot monsters localised in a room
and, when they're killed, the door open so that the player can go further.
(I don't think so, but as the limits of the game are still pushed above we never know...)

Workbench: Classic Duke 3D / Maybe a new release incoming...
« on: June 27, 2012, 01:14:44 PM »

I've got a small map I never shared and which has known many evolutions. Now this map is pretty funny and has an up-to-date design.
(The early beginnings date from 1999, I never thought I would work on it on and off during all these years).
I think this map offers some challenge but it's short (5 - 10 min). It was a "personal" and addictive level which gave me lot of fun for having playing it hundred times...

It's focused on a swimming pool establishment, infested as usual... and a little bit more... there is an easter egg.
I'm gonna post some shots this evening, and tell me if it's worth to share the map. If not appreciated or too short for you, I won't share it publicly.
Just need your opinion.

Duke 3D Resources / Respawns with "AND" condition
« on: June 22, 2012, 08:35:43 PM »
Hi everybody,

I would like to put respawns in a level, which should be triggered by a sequence of two touchplates or whatsoever.
Here is the gameplay I want to set up : 

1. First you walk on a specific area with a touchplate, for example a corridor leading to another room : but nothing must happen yet.
2. Second you walk further and enter in the second area (for example this room after the corridor) to fetch an access card :
    let's say that there's a touchplate also there.
3. When you come back to the first area (the corridor for example), THIS TIME the first touchplate will at least activate the respawn, so that
    monsters appears at the precise time the player is coming back.

Is it possible ? So here it's not a delayed respawn cause you never know when the player will come back and the point is to surprise him,
like... "what ? first time I walked here nothing happened... but in my way back this wall on the left now is exploding just in front of me and I've got 2 commanders kicking my ass, holy shit ! " Get it ?


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