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"Spacetronic" by Maarten van Oostrum is released and uploaded.

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 on: July 20, 2017, 07:16:38 PM 
Started by Gingis Khan - Last post by anvil
I wonder if uploading it as a ZIP instead of 7Z was also part of the joke :D

 on: July 19, 2017, 11:33:54 PM 
Started by Gingis Khan - Last post by Forge
I was able to get it open with 7-zip, so I could add the description and author to a readme text file

 on: July 19, 2017, 01:49:27 PM 
Started by Gingis Khan - Last post by anvil
Tried to open it, and got this error: "The archive is either in unknown format or damaged".

 on: July 18, 2017, 10:48:07 PM 
Started by Maarten - Last post by Forge
makes me want to play again.
maybe when I stop coming and going after this summer I'll see if the last eduke snapshot i installed a few years ago will work with this.

 on: July 18, 2017, 10:43:21 PM 
Started by Puritan - Last post by Forge
This could go with a desert map too - the song gives the impression of lonesome isolation

 on: July 17, 2017, 11:26:57 AM 
Started by Maarten - Last post by Maarten
Thanks man!

Another link... somehow, I can't edit my first post?!
(thanks Mikko!!):

 on: July 16, 2017, 12:43:39 PM 
Started by Gingis Khan - Last post by Gingis Khan
Hi guys, once again. Yes i haven't checked forums for while. And now i am going to release something. I introduce you Duke Nukem : MISSION Istanbul. This addon included 14 new levels, some new weapons, now enemies, new CONs. I must admit, this addon is done more for fun, and therefor i didn't paid much attention on map quality. Some maps are worse than those in Duke Nukem IV mod i made earlier to be honest. There is only few level where i paid more attention on detailing, such as level 12 and level 14


Story is divided in two episodes - Episode 1 "Mission Istanbul" and Episode 2 "Ultimate payback"



This level is piece of shit to be honest. Duke is sent to some weird part of Istanbul to investigate new alien invasion. Duke fights aliens thru this level and find some weapons.

Level 2 - TKA INFESTED Garage

After beating piece of shit map, Duke appears in an garage where he fight more aliens and find more weapon. As soon he exits outside, Duke realizes that this region of Istanbul is invaded by some red soldiers, called TKA forces. TKA (Turkish Kommunist Agency) is some kind of Turkish Secret Service and they want to secure Istanbul themseleves and therefor they are attacking everyone and everything. First of all after they eliminated some aliens, they try to kill Nukem as well. However Duke manages to overcome them and enter small TKA bunker where he receives a message from TKA Officer, Mehmed Ibrahim who gives orders to other soldiers to eliminate new witness called Duke Nukem who already murdered about 15 of their agent troops.

Level 3 - Welcome to Istanbul

Duke now appears at center of Istanbul where he fights more agents and visits the Fountain in Istanbul. After getting the keycard Duke enters their secret TKA Base, where now Mehmed Ibrahim confronts him in person, but Duke kills him off and continues deepers in TKA Base.

Level 4 - Secret TKA Base

Note this map is geometrical piece of shit to be honest. Duke enters TKA secret base and fights more TKA guys. Once he enter in agents' bedroom he finds their new weapon prototype - Turkish blaster. And not only he finds keycard for exit but also secret DATA Memory card which contains most important secrets of Turkish Kommunist Agency. Duke eits to the yard with helicopter and confront more TKA Army. After he eliminates them he receives the message from General Graves who is happy that he finally found Duke. He expalins DUke that he already knows everything about Duke and his situation with TKA. General Graves analyzes the secret Memory DATA Card Duke stolen from TKA Base and finds out news that TKA are planning to take some weaponary from Kosovo and warns him to grab helicopter and go over there before TKA came there. But Graves also warns him to watch out because Kosovo Military forces will not show any mercy either. Duke enters the helicopter.

Level 5 - KOSOVO

Duke arrives in Kosovo capital city, Prishtina and jumps offthe building on fountain. He confronts Kosovo Military force, defeats them and enters Arsenal Storage of weapon, where General Graves congrats him on doing well job, but also tell him that aliens are planning to invade this area as well. Duke then hears some weird voice speaking message like "Good job with aliens but we have bigger problems. An intruder, Duke Nukem who is agent of EDF is plotting of taking our weaponary. I want that f**ker dead! Buahahaha" Duke enters the lift, and go to higher floor, where he kills some aliens and receives another message from Graves. General Graves explains him that "weaponary" mentioned in TKA Memory card was actually a power generator controlled by one man, This generator have a power to suck out all electrical enery all around the world. The man who possess this generator is Kosovo leader, Kosta Beciraj! Duke must confront him and end this mess. After Duke received the message he went to Kosta's main office, where Kosta tricks him with excuse they shall make the deal, but suddenly Kosta puts Nukem in cage and later moves him to an prison near an alien base.


Duke escapes weird jail and fight more aliens. Later he reaches green alien base, where also Mehmed Ibrahim, TKA Officer, appears again and kills some aliens, then confront Nukem again in order to revenge. But he ultimately fails. This level is full location which doesn't make any sense, such as Jail, regular room, but then regular room is connected to underwater sector which you enter once you break the glass. Yeah i know those maps are shit and doesn't make sense at all, but hey, i just did this for fun, not for serious modding.

Level 7 - Prishtina pipe systen

Again, connected locations and texture choice which don't much sense. Once you got in underwater area on similar retarded way like in previous level, Duke fight some Octabrains and then from force filed window, Duke can se Kosta watching his progress. In this level you can also find Mehmed Ibrahim once again, but in the secret area, and again like Kosta, he is protected with force field. THis secret contains 3 atomic health and one armor. After getting key card from underwater area, duke return to main area and exits the level.

Level 8 - Welcome to Prishtina

map situated again in center of Prishtina. Only few room, overload of Kosovo Military force, some aliens, and again Mehmed Ibrahim in final room.

Level 9 - Prishtina central jail

This is only map in entire addon i haven't actually made. I just took some prison map from 1996 and modified to it to have Kosovo flags and Kosovo Military force. Nothing much.

Level 10 - Kosta Beciraj

This level is built nice compared to other crap in Episode 1. Nukem appears at Sea Coast of Kosovo and fights Kosta Beciraj himself. This is last level in Episode 1

In Episode 2, Ultimate Payback, Duke is enjoying his vacation on the beach. But then he is suddenly interupted by one call. The guy who called Nukem, ruined his vacation and threatened to him is Buyrum Aziz. Buyrum Aziz is powerful man from Middle East Mafia and he had deal with TKA. However as Duke defeated most of TKA army and officer Mehmed Ibrahim in Episode 1, Aziz is enraged on him, as Buyrum Aziz had 2 billion dollar worth deal with TKA, which failed once Mehmed Ibrahim is dead. Buyrum Aziz then unites with rest of TKA Army, to kill Duke. However, no matter how many TKA soldiers Aziz sent, Duke always overcome there. Later Duke appears at Crashmed Metro, and finds out there is building of Aziz Enterprises. So Buyrum Aziz also possess his own company. Later Duke enters the Aziz Enterprises buidling. In third level of episode 2 which shows the inside of Aziz Enterprises, is actually big long ass room filled with TKA Agents, and it's one of idiotic maps from entire addon pack, but all other levels of episode 2 (level 1,2 and 4) are ALOT BETTER than some levels in Episode 1, at least my opinion.Then i saved best for last. I think the map i paid most attention in terms of effects and storyline are Episode 2 Level 4, the last level and final boss level of this addon. Duke appears on the roof of Aziz Enterprises (after that long ass Episode 2 Level 3 map shit) Buyrum Aziz explains to Duke that if he really thinks he can beat him, he have to listen carefully. Aziz explains him that roof of Aziz Enterprises is possessed by for elements - Water, Lava, Acid and Azot! In those four elements are key of Duke's victory. After all four elements are activated, RPG projectiles will start to appear, hurting both Nukem and Aziz. Can our hero Duke Nukem can handle Middle East mafiosso Buyrum Aziz?

Anyway guys, sorry for wall of text but i always like to explain storyline detailed. As i said, most of maps are shit, to be honest. I didn't much attention and potentional on this maps as i did with single map like Lost Tiberius Base. I just did this addon for fun, and inserted new weapons, enemies, ART, music, sounds, etc.. But only some maps can be called worth of playing (and even those aren't perfect) So guys download this piece of shit and tell your opinions :) Even if it's bad, i will accept all criticism.



Since i put all pics in one big picture, use some kind of zoom if doesn't display right for you.

 on: July 15, 2017, 02:59:50 PM 
Started by Maarten - Last post by Puritan
Awesome, man!
....and happy birthday to you, sir  :)

 on: July 15, 2017, 12:33:31 AM 
Started by Maarten - Last post by Maarten
Hello community!
Here is my Space level, on my birthday. Have to say I haven't been so inspired for at least  9 years, and I hope it shows! I had a lot of fun, I hope you will have fun with it as well!

MADE FOR: Eduke32 & classic mode!


Download link:


 on: July 14, 2017, 12:32:53 PM 
Started by Puritan - Last post by Puritan
Looks cool!!



Man, that is a really cool sountrack that suits DN3D perfectly  :)

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