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Eleven years since my last release  :o
Can't promise a release date, but a map I've been working on is slowly coming around.
Only six thousand walls left so the main areas are done. The remaining walls would be consumed by detailing / shading.

A mall after closing hours:

Media Forum / Re: What are you listening to?
13 January 2024, 00:05:05
Quote from: Puritan on  18 April 2019, 11:47:23Yay!
I'm off for the "Inferno Festival".
Sold out, as expected.

Cool with a metal festival during Easter, isn't it?  8)

Todays headliner would be: Dimmu Borgir

Inferno Festival:
History seems to repeat itself....
Just got my hands on tickets for the Inferno Festival 2024, taking place this Easter in Oslo.
Headliner would be, of course, Dimmu Borgir.
A band originated from my little village  8)
Media Forum / Re: What are you listening to?
13 January 2024, 00:01:57
Some industrial themed R & R  8)

Classic Duke 3D / Re: Reviews and Submissions
06 August 2023, 23:18:14
Wow, you're pretty occupied with the Build engine these days  :o
I've uploaded the latest file to our server but can't find the time to play any Duke these days.
Real life has thrown some opportunities for me that will take some time to get on the road.
In other words, I'm in the early beginning of getting self-employed  :)
Media Forum / Re: What are you listening to?
15 July 2023, 12:01:33
For a rainy day...

So, ...
Man, this song is heavy.....the guitar is blowing me away  8)

Quote from: High Treason on  04 May 2023, 04:03:49
Is your Gamma setting above 1.0?

I've noticed that even with everything set on default, my nVidia card seems to turn up the screen brightness when running EDuke, but only about 90% of the time. It's pretty strange, but it will result in screenshots that are darker than things appear in the game.

That is something I've never would have thought of - to say the least  :o
I'm using an older AMD R9 200 card

Checked win 10 gamma settings and it was default (1,0 ?)
Checked AMD control panel and brightness was set to 0,0
Adjusted brightness in Win 10 a tad up while leaving AMD settings at 0,0 and it seems to have enhanced the screenshots.
I just have to take a lot of screenies the coming days and compare with older screenies, it seems.

Thanks a lot for pointing me in the right direction, High Treason!  :)

Example below is from a WIP map.
I think the brightness is about the same as in-game
It seems that screenshots from the game appear darker than they were when taking them in-game ?
I'm playing with the brightness settings in classic renderer set to default (100%).

Is there a fix for this in 'Eduke32,cfg' or maybe another file?
Classic Duke 3D / Re: Reviews and Submissions
20 April 2023, 23:19:57
Quote from: ck3D on  20 April 2023, 16:38:59
I just noticed Merlijn's first two Shaky Grounds maps were up on here without a proper review (what they do have is an old one by me for SG3, and Aleks' recent review of the full episode). I started a full playthrough of the episode a couple of nights ago and have spontaneously been writing reviews for Apocollapse and Tales of Tragedy I'll most likely use as a basis for something to post on ModDB, but you can also use those for CGS if you want, both are on this page:

Wow, that is quite some work you've put into these reviews!
Thanks a lot for letting me use 'em here at CGS  :)
Classic Duke 3D / Re: Reviews and Submissions
18 March 2023, 13:11:54
Quote from: Aleks on  16 March 2023, 21:35:39
Hey Puritan, hope you're doing fine!

I haven't been paying much attention to Duke stuff lately due to being extremely busy IRL, anyway, seems like you're missed one of the biggest events in the scene lately - release of ck3D's epic masterpiece, Blast Radius! Here's the link to his thread on - I'd say this is definitely front page news stuff ;)

Thanks for the heads-up, Aleks
You're right; it's a big event and a masterpiece!
Bunged to CGS server today.
Classic Duke 3D / Re: Last map you played
26 January 2023, 00:25:50
Holy smoke, what a map!
Stumbled across Rosario 1 by elandy today.
I suspect the author has had ck3D and Merlijn as inspiration when building this city styled map.
A map worthy a score up in the 90's

Rosario 1
Site News & Feedback / Re: Front page stuff
09 January 2023, 10:35:38
CGS domains.

All these domains are pointing to us: (without the hyphen...)

Paste 'em into your browser and have a look.
Classic Duke 3D / Re: [RELEASE] Koodbool
09 January 2023, 10:24:00
Greetings and happy new year!
That's good news - looking forward to a playthrough
Man, can't believe that one year has gone by already since the release of this masterpiece!
Time for a replay, isn't it?