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Duke 3D Resources / Con editing questions
06 July 2014, 15:59:39
Hello Im new, and I want to ask a question on editing the CON files of duke.
Will the following be possible by just editing the CON files

1. make the pistol and shotgun reload by adding or replacing a key to reload.
2. change reload time
  -shotgun shoots 2 times before reloading
  -pistol shoots 7 times before reloading
3. increase or decrease the delay of shooting on weapons.
  -pistol 1 second delay on shooting
  -rapid firing rpg
4. Make the chain gun overheat
   -after shooting maybe 50 bullets it must cooldown for 10 seconds
5. completely remove autoaim
6. Make duke use the vending machines and regain health, but hurts him if used more than 3 three times.
7. Change the color of the weapons or items at certain times
   - like the chaingun turning red when heating up
8. Hurt duke if he tries to shoot the heating chaingun.
9. What is the maximum swear frequency?
10. Get less likely to be hit when jumping and crouching.
11. Roaming enemies instead of waiting for duke.

If this topic on the wrong place Ill move it. If it should not be a topic, please tell.
My goal here is to create a custom con for everyone with those customizations.