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Can I rotate a sector? Not make it rotate in the game, but rotate a sector after being selected. For example making an up arrow sector and rotate it to point downwards.
Ok, thanks going to try that now.
How do I fix this or prevent this from happening? Im just learning to map and this frequenlty happens to the textures. Some texture start from halfway and repeat not starting from the edge. You can see on the image it also happens to other textures with different variups sizes and Im using the right size for things.
Duke 3D Resources / Re: Duke3D Ports
30 August 2014, 04:08:27
Anyone else playing Duke on a different device? Im playing on my old nokia E71 symbian phone, with the JFDuke Port, and just so you know it can load; voxels, user maps, custom cons, custom art and mods. I've played the Starship Troopers TC on a Phone.
Duke 3D Resources / Re: Con editing questions
04 August 2014, 12:41:23
I thought that was just a single map? Anyway answer
what is the episode?
What should be the next level?
Did you alter the user.con?
Duke 3D Resources / Re: Adding new sprites
22 July 2014, 12:41:36
@ Forge
no I imported the art from the dual pistol to the original art.

@Gingis Khan
Thanks, so thats why it gets messed up. Im going to learn how to use bastart now
Duke 3D Resources / Re: Adding new sprites
20 July 2014, 16:29:40
okay, I checked them out, and used them. I still dont know whats wrong.
My process
1. There is an art file that contains a dual pistol weapon, but also a chaingun replacement, but I do not want the new chaingun. So
2. I open the normal unmodified tiles009.ART of duke using Dukeres.
3. open the modified art file that contains that dual pistol.
4. Set the dukeres to tiled view so I can see both art files.
5. Copy pasted the dual pistol to unmodified art.
6. saved as single art file.
I used both the dukeres and the hacked one. It all came from duke rtcm. When I load the art it looks like this.
Duke 3D Resources / Re: Adding new sprites
13 July 2014, 16:48:10
Hi, cant find a more appropriate thread so Ill ask it here.
How do I properly replace a sprite?
I tried to replace the pistol sprite from but when I load it in duke it gets crazy.
Duke 3D Resources / Re: Con editing questions
09 July 2014, 01:33:24
Thanks James! The nuclear showdown was exactly what I want to do, gameplay weapon enchancement, by con editing. I havent seen this mod so Im going to go play it and study the scripting in this. Im going to keep the thread open if someone ask another con editing question.
Duke 3D Resources / Re: Con editing questions
07 July 2014, 16:18:40
never thought of that, I always thought of it to change color abruptly. Its a really nice idea, but how will the coding be done? I dont know if its possible by manipulating game.con
Duke 3D Resources / Re: Con editing questions
06 July 2014, 16:58:07
will all this still be possible by editing only the con files? Without using a fancy mod? It doesnt matter if its hard, coding them all and stuff, as long as its possible.
is it possible for a certain weapon change pallete on a ceratin moment?
example the chaingun heats up and it turns red.
Duke 3D Resources / Con editing questions
06 July 2014, 15:59:39
Hello Im new, and I want to ask a question on editing the CON files of duke.
Will the following be possible by just editing the CON files

1. make the pistol and shotgun reload by adding or replacing a key to reload.
2. change reload time
  -shotgun shoots 2 times before reloading
  -pistol shoots 7 times before reloading
3. increase or decrease the delay of shooting on weapons.
  -pistol 1 second delay on shooting
  -rapid firing rpg
4. Make the chain gun overheat
   -after shooting maybe 50 bullets it must cooldown for 10 seconds
5. completely remove autoaim
6. Make duke use the vending machines and regain health, but hurts him if used more than 3 three times.
7. Change the color of the weapons or items at certain times
   - like the chaingun turning red when heating up
8. Hurt duke if he tries to shoot the heating chaingun.
9. What is the maximum swear frequency?
10. Get less likely to be hit when jumping and crouching.
11. Roaming enemies instead of waiting for duke.

If this topic on the wrong place Ill move it. If it should not be a topic, please tell.
My goal here is to create a custom con for everyone with those customizations.