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Classic Duke 3D / South L.A.
« on: August 20, 2017, 05:40:20 AM »
I can finally announce the release of South L.A. map. Well remember my old Duke IV mod that sucked ass due the bad mapping? Well instead of 10 shitty maps, i actually made one better map. South L.A. is remake of my old Duke IV mod, it did keep main storyline of Duke IV, but level is new. South L.A. also contains new art, new enemies, new sounds and new kick ass music. Although it is not perfect, level is far better than those 10 maps in old Duke IV.


Duke Nukem is having fun in the bar, as he decided to back on subway to get home, he is ambushed by aliens. Later Nukem receives the message from General Graves that aliens are ploting on invading South L.A., however General also warns him that goverment sent military force in order to cover up incident and eliminate aleins and any possible witnesses, since that, Duke Nukem gets attacked by Miltary forces. However, as time passes, Nukem finds out that his old nemesis Chuck Norris is behind military clean up. Norris is angered by Duke ever since Duke defeated Dr Proton, as Norris claimed that he shall defeated Proton and became hero, Duke stolen his work! Duke have to locate storages controlled by Chuck Norris' military force and his best agent James Bond and proceed to FBI Headquarters. Can Nukem defeated Bond and Norris and show those dudes their place? ;)


-As i was doing this map, i originally planned different final boss area. My first idea was to place Chuck Norris in some kind of storage, just like where Bond is, however as being to repetitive i scraped this idea. Second plan was to make Chuck Norris's secret base that can only be reached by water canals. However, i didn't had idea for such a base, so instead i put Chuck Norris in UNDERWATER BASE itself. Yeah i know it doesn't make sense to breathe a water as he is not alien or something, but, due the fact of Chuck Norris jokes, why he couldn't breathe underwater that way? ;)

-Another difference between actual old Duke IV and this polished map is lack of Race X Homeworld and even Race X aliens itself. Due the lack of ideas and some software problems, i have to scrap off Race X from plot, although people who played my old Duke IV eariler actually most like Race X from new enemies, sorry about that. In ART files, Race X replaced Fat Commander, but here Commander's sprites are untouched. Plus in fact only two examples of Commanders cab be seen in entire map. Only left over from Race X aliens is their lower health than in original game...

-However, aliens in general only exist in beginning of the level, as you play longer, Marines mostly appear in second half of level, and later featuring two boss arena, one mini boss (Bond) and later final boss in underwater (Chuck Norris). U.S. Marines are pig cop replacements, however their sprites are now much smaller and different in old Duke IV where they were oversized.

-James Bond is health is now 1500 HP, while in Duke IV, his HP was 1000, although you fought him trice in level 9 of Duke IV, equally giving 3000 HP in old version, so yeah, he is actually weaker for 50% than in old mod. His sprite is resized a bit.

-Chuck Norris sprite is same, although his HP is reduced from 11111 to 8000 HP due the difficult fight in underwater area.

Download link:


Classic Duke 3D / Duke Nukem 3D More Lost "Holy Grail"
« on: August 12, 2017, 03:21:22 AM »
I am not sure this is right section to post this, but i think this is some nice research. when i combined Duke3D BETA 0.99 executable along with v1.3D resources and loaded weird user map called, i managed to got next:

As you can see from screenshots, enemy i encountered is Yellow Duke Nukem. Several moments before he attacked screen displayed message "Sound not found: BOS2RG.VOC" acording that Yellow Duke is actually coded as BOSS2.  Now i know that in 0.99 leak Battelord is coded as BOSS1 and Cycloid Emperor is coded as BOSS3 [Unlike in v1.3D where is coded as BOSS2 and Overlord is introduced as BOSS3] Now what makes me thinks that Yellow Duke was actually meant to be some kind of Boss Enemy as evil clone or it's just a placeholder for upcoming Overlord monster that later switched numbers with Cycloid Emperor in version v1.3D??? Anyway, you can try this yourself just download WHIT.MAP from attachment and load up in v0.99 using v1.3D verison of Duke3D.GRP file of course. As you see in third shot after Yellow Nukem get killed he drops the money...

« on: July 21, 2017, 05:13:58 PM »
I am sorry guys, i renamed 7Z to ZIP because i was afraid that some sites will not recognize that format, because you know, when you are sending an attachment in mail, there is several file formats are that are forbidden or something like that. Sorry for mistake. From now on, rename ZIP to 7Z who ever got this problem...

« on: July 16, 2017, 12:43:39 PM »
Hi guys, once again. Yes i haven't checked forums for while. And now i am going to release something. I introduce you Duke Nukem : MISSION Istanbul. This addon included 14 new levels, some new weapons, now enemies, new CONs. I must admit, this addon is done more for fun, and therefor i didn't paid much attention on map quality. Some maps are worse than those in Duke Nukem IV mod i made earlier to be honest. There is only few level where i paid more attention on detailing, such as level 12 and level 14


Story is divided in two episodes - Episode 1 "Mission Istanbul" and Episode 2 "Ultimate payback"



This level is piece of shit to be honest. Duke is sent to some weird part of Istanbul to investigate new alien invasion. Duke fights aliens thru this level and find some weapons.

Level 2 - TKA INFESTED Garage

After beating piece of shit map, Duke appears in an garage where he fight more aliens and find more weapon. As soon he exits outside, Duke realizes that this region of Istanbul is invaded by some red soldiers, called TKA forces. TKA (Turkish Kommunist Agency) is some kind of Turkish Secret Service and they want to secure Istanbul themseleves and therefor they are attacking everyone and everything. First of all after they eliminated some aliens, they try to kill Nukem as well. However Duke manages to overcome them and enter small TKA bunker where he receives a message from TKA Officer, Mehmed Ibrahim who gives orders to other soldiers to eliminate new witness called Duke Nukem who already murdered about 15 of their agent troops.

Level 3 - Welcome to Istanbul

Duke now appears at center of Istanbul where he fights more agents and visits the Fountain in Istanbul. After getting the keycard Duke enters their secret TKA Base, where now Mehmed Ibrahim confronts him in person, but Duke kills him off and continues deepers in TKA Base.

Level 4 - Secret TKA Base

Note this map is geometrical piece of shit to be honest. Duke enters TKA secret base and fights more TKA guys. Once he enter in agents' bedroom he finds their new weapon prototype - Turkish blaster. And not only he finds keycard for exit but also secret DATA Memory card which contains most important secrets of Turkish Kommunist Agency. Duke eits to the yard with helicopter and confront more TKA Army. After he eliminates them he receives the message from General Graves who is happy that he finally found Duke. He expalins DUke that he already knows everything about Duke and his situation with TKA. General Graves analyzes the secret Memory DATA Card Duke stolen from TKA Base and finds out news that TKA are planning to take some weaponary from Kosovo and warns him to grab helicopter and go over there before TKA came there. But Graves also warns him to watch out because Kosovo Military forces will not show any mercy either. Duke enters the helicopter.

Level 5 - KOSOVO

Duke arrives in Kosovo capital city, Prishtina and jumps offthe building on fountain. He confronts Kosovo Military force, defeats them and enters Arsenal Storage of weapon, where General Graves congrats him on doing well job, but also tell him that aliens are planning to invade this area as well. Duke then hears some weird voice speaking message like "Good job with aliens but we have bigger problems. An intruder, Duke Nukem who is agent of EDF is plotting of taking our weaponary. I want that f**ker dead! Buahahaha" Duke enters the lift, and go to higher floor, where he kills some aliens and receives another message from Graves. General Graves explains him that "weaponary" mentioned in TKA Memory card was actually a power generator controlled by one man, This generator have a power to suck out all electrical enery all around the world. The man who possess this generator is Kosovo leader, Kosta Beciraj! Duke must confront him and end this mess. After Duke received the message he went to Kosta's main office, where Kosta tricks him with excuse they shall make the deal, but suddenly Kosta puts Nukem in cage and later moves him to an prison near an alien base.


Duke escapes weird jail and fight more aliens. Later he reaches green alien base, where also Mehmed Ibrahim, TKA Officer, appears again and kills some aliens, then confront Nukem again in order to revenge. But he ultimately fails. This level is full location which doesn't make any sense, such as Jail, regular room, but then regular room is connected to underwater sector which you enter once you break the glass. Yeah i know those maps are shit and doesn't make sense at all, but hey, i just did this for fun, not for serious modding.

Level 7 - Prishtina pipe systen

Again, connected locations and texture choice which don't much sense. Once you got in underwater area on similar retarded way like in previous level, Duke fight some Octabrains and then from force filed window, Duke can se Kosta watching his progress. In this level you can also find Mehmed Ibrahim once again, but in the secret area, and again like Kosta, he is protected with force field. THis secret contains 3 atomic health and one armor. After getting key card from underwater area, duke return to main area and exits the level.

Level 8 - Welcome to Prishtina

map situated again in center of Prishtina. Only few room, overload of Kosovo Military force, some aliens, and again Mehmed Ibrahim in final room.

Level 9 - Prishtina central jail

This is only map in entire addon i haven't actually made. I just took some prison map from 1996 and modified to it to have Kosovo flags and Kosovo Military force. Nothing much.

Level 10 - Kosta Beciraj

This level is built nice compared to other crap in Episode 1. Nukem appears at Sea Coast of Kosovo and fights Kosta Beciraj himself. This is last level in Episode 1

In Episode 2, Ultimate Payback, Duke is enjoying his vacation on the beach. But then he is suddenly interupted by one call. The guy who called Nukem, ruined his vacation and threatened to him is Buyrum Aziz. Buyrum Aziz is powerful man from Middle East Mafia and he had deal with TKA. However as Duke defeated most of TKA army and officer Mehmed Ibrahim in Episode 1, Aziz is enraged on him, as Buyrum Aziz had 2 billion dollar worth deal with TKA, which failed once Mehmed Ibrahim is dead. Buyrum Aziz then unites with rest of TKA Army, to kill Duke. However, no matter how many TKA soldiers Aziz sent, Duke always overcome there. Later Duke appears at Crashmed Metro, and finds out there is building of Aziz Enterprises. So Buyrum Aziz also possess his own company. Later Duke enters the Aziz Enterprises buidling. In third level of episode 2 which shows the inside of Aziz Enterprises, is actually big long ass room filled with TKA Agents, and it's one of idiotic maps from entire addon pack, but all other levels of episode 2 (level 1,2 and 4) are ALOT BETTER than some levels in Episode 1, at least my opinion.Then i saved best for last. I think the map i paid most attention in terms of effects and storyline are Episode 2 Level 4, the last level and final boss level of this addon. Duke appears on the roof of Aziz Enterprises (after that long ass Episode 2 Level 3 map shit) Buyrum Aziz explains to Duke that if he really thinks he can beat him, he have to listen carefully. Aziz explains him that roof of Aziz Enterprises is possessed by for elements - Water, Lava, Acid and Azot! In those four elements are key of Duke's victory. After all four elements are activated, RPG projectiles will start to appear, hurting both Nukem and Aziz. Can our hero Duke Nukem can handle Middle East mafiosso Buyrum Aziz?

Anyway guys, sorry for wall of text but i always like to explain storyline detailed. As i said, most of maps are shit, to be honest. I didn't much attention and potentional on this maps as i did with single map like Lost Tiberius Base. I just did this addon for fun, and inserted new weapons, enemies, ART, music, sounds, etc.. But only some maps can be called worth of playing (and even those aren't perfect) So guys download this piece of shit and tell your opinions :) Even if it's bad, i will accept all criticism.



Since i put all pics in one big picture, use some kind of zoom if doesn't display right for you.

Duke 3D Modifications / Re: [WIP] LUNAR APOCALYPSE TC
« on: December 06, 2014, 01:29:40 AM »
Only thing to say is that i am looking forward for this. Also can i ask would this TC feature a working space suit? If it will then it would be even more greater. Good luck on this  ;)

Classic Duke 3D / Re: New map - The lost Tiberius base
« on: August 25, 2014, 06:45:37 PM »
OK guys, thanks for feedback. I will try to make new map from scratch and use methods of four shaded level while 2 have darker light while other two have even more darker light :)

Classic Duke 3D / New map - The lost Tiberius base
« on: August 25, 2014, 02:46:14 AM »
I made short map which present my new improved skills that i got from advices from most people here told me and i am thankful to them. This map is short but i think it have almost everything that reminds of good old original levels and good 1990s map from that time. Now i really take on shaded rooms, lots of good details, because i learnt, better short good detailed map than long unshaded, unskilled random room maps. Yes i know i only spend time for few days but download please, even if it is a short map i really worked to make it at least Almost good. So please give me feedback and your thoughts. Also i scaled celling height to normal, so it's doesn't look unbalanced anymore :) Only thing i found sucky about this map is last room, but if i more work my skills will improve in future :)

CGS - review / download

Classic Duke 3D / Re: My map - Space Madness
« on: August 23, 2014, 12:30:50 PM »
Yes i know about this option but i don't like when i fall down, i like flying mode the most. However i know other solution to do this. So it's a not a problem :)

Classic Duke 3D / Re: My map - Space Madness
« on: August 22, 2014, 10:36:37 PM »
Yes i know my problems. Problem with celling is because i have different height orientation in mapster than in gameplay because in mapster i mostly fly in 3D mode. However about swing door, yeah, i always had problem with it. and yes i decided to start new map, i will make small/medium sized map but with shading and normal cellings, that would be good start :)

Classic Duke 3D / Re: My map - Space Madness
« on: August 22, 2014, 09:24:13 AM »
I finished Version 3 of map. This one is more detailed, more bigger, have much more rooms, at start from very different starting position. For Space Madness this is best i could do for it. I hope i will do future maps much more better than this, but for Space Madness this is a best i can do. Enjoy the update, give feedback and advices. Thank you :)

Duke 3D Resources / Re: Adding new sprites
« on: July 21, 2014, 12:11:47 PM »
If someone have problem with transparent color in 8-bit mode, i suggest to go in Paint and name new color for background which have this coordinates:

red  252
gren 0
blue 252
hue  200
Sat  240
Lum  119

Also if someone use DukeRes only COPY option works and IMPORT do not work :( Also be careful DukeRes can mess up your graphics for some reason. I reccomend to use BastART to import 8-bit BMP files that have coordinates for background color i gived here.

Classic Duke 3D / Re: My map - Space Madness
« on: July 11, 2014, 01:07:29 PM »
Tgreyhair thanx for your reply. Yes i do have some old Lakimaps, i made them when i was little boy, my 9 first maps, however this days i am trying to copy all 9 maps into the one MAP and also i am redoing DUKE NUKEM 4 MOD so i will not have much time doing new maps. :)

Classic Duke 3D / Re: Duke Nukem IV Re-released (v1.2)
« on: July 09, 2014, 09:04:50 AM »
Yes, gameplay is more important. Don't worry i will not change storyline that much but i will change some dialogues on radios, i will make Duke Nukem get messages from General Graves first then later he encounter these Marine guys. In old version storyline was going to fast because of short maps. Now i will not change that much but i will make more proper storyline. Also i will use slopes while mapping this time. Maps will be bit different but keep the storyline  ;) Storyline is important thing of term of gameplay.  And yes i will resize the sprites and will make enemies don't appears in large groups like in Serious Sam  :D This time i will try to be at least "Fake Pro Mapper"  :)

Classic Duke 3D / Re: Duke Nukem IV Re-released (v1.2)
« on: July 09, 2014, 05:26:01 AM »
Thanx for another advice Micky C. Oh and i played Metro Mayhem, it helped me alot thanks. Oh and also i will not give up of this project i have better idea. I started to working new maps from scratch and added lot of shadow in very first rooms. I will make only 2 or 3 more deatiled maps rather than 10 short and when this finish i will uploaded as version 1.3. I will not reject the storyline just make MAP 1-4 to MAP1, MAP 5,6,7 to MAP2, i will delete MAP8 storyline part since it's actually non sense to go to space so it will be

MAP1 (old map1,2,3,4)
MAP2 (old map5,6,7)
MAP3 (old map9,10)

And of course each will be recreated from scratch. Thanx for Metro Mayhem again  :)

Classic Duke 3D / Re: Duke Nukem IV Re-released (v1.2)
« on: July 08, 2014, 06:55:01 PM »
well lighting i added on MAP 2 and MAP 9, MAP 8 got some new monitors and force fields and some CON programming. I know levels are quite short. Anyway i understand this not enough for good map and need more polishing, thank for your all reviews. But personally i am simply not fan of new maps that have too much lighting and details etc.. I more like 1996 levels style, that is my personal thought :) And of course Micky C i will play the maps you gave me and read your guide soon. I will learn more from them. But problem is that english is not my native and it's bit harder to read your guide, but if i want to became at least "Middle rank" mapper i should try that. Thanx

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