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The Basics - Playing


The Prehistoric DOS Method

Boot up a DOS prompt and type CD C:\DUKE3D to get into the game directory. Type SETUP. This menu will be displayed. Choose "User Level Selection".

Choose "Select User Level" and then press Enter on your selected level:

Press Escape to back up to the main menu. Choose "Save and Launch Duke Nukem 3D". The game will start and your level will run.

You can also play your level by entering DUKE3D -MAP mapname at the C:\DUKE3D prompt. Replace mapname with the name of the map you wish to play (typing the file extension [.MAP] is unnecessary).

The Modern EDuke32 Method

This is extremely simple. At the Main Menu, select "New Game".

Now select "User Map".

Select the map you wish to play, and enjoy!

Extracting the original levels

There is a pair of programs that come with the game called KGROUP and KEXTRACT. These can be used to handle the GRP file format. Make sure the programs and the DUKE3D.GRP file are in the game directory. Run the command prompt, switch to the C:\DUKE3D directory, and type KEXTRACT DUKE3D.GRP *.MAP. This will extract all of the original maps into the game directory. The map name format is E#L#, where E# is the episode number and L# is the level number. For example, Episode 1 Level 1 would have a filename of E1L1.MAP.

Mapster32 allows direct loading of the original maps from the GRP file. Simply load one and then save it to output the map to the game directory.

This concludes the basic knowledge you need to build maps. Have some fun with it. Create and test all sorts of maps. Check out the "Advanced FX" section when you're ready to learn how to construct the game effects, and the "References" section for loads of useful information. Both can be accessed from the Main page.

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