A few words with David B. by Puritan on November 20-2013

Age : 38 (2013)
Location : Belgium
Occupation : CAD engineer

CGS : When did you first get in touch with Build/Mapster?
David B. : I used the Build editor for the first time in 1998, since the early beginnings of the game. The first steps with the editor were amazing ; for the first time I could create a place existing only in my mind.

CGS : What was your first map, released or unreleased?
David B. : It was a small city map ; a nightclub, some chicks, some pigcops and... a single street (unreleased). I recovered a part of it for the first map I had publicly released in 2008 (Hostel).

CGS : What is your favourite among your own maps?
David B. : Considering I'm still pushing my creativity further, the last project (in 2013) has been the best one : Mill Town Rampage, for its sordid atmosphere. This is the first project which is really an achievement for me, exploring all the possibilities.

CGS : How many maps have you done?
David B. : > 6-7 small maps I never released. Some are lost, other aren't releasable (or maybe should I make a little Christmas package with them).
5 maps released (3 singles + 1 episode). Totaling 11-12 levels... I don't know exactly.

CGS : Where do you get inspiration from?
David B. : Above all from the real world.
From the beginning of the mapping process, I've got in mind the overall theme and the atmosphere I want to convey ; Real pictures - sometimes movies - often bring ingredients for the design part. AI is set up later inside the environment. Beside it happens FPS games bring some ideas... like HL2. My imagination is doing the rest of the job.

CGS : Do you listen to music whilst mapping? If so, what did you listen to?
David B. : Rarely because this is distracting me. And when I do, it could be any kind of music.

CGS : Do you see mapping as competitive?
David B. : Yes, it is. And above all I think this feeling could be a force. I'm sometimes willing to surprise other mappers or players. I think the best maps induce the community to make progress and remain interested by the creation of level and innovation. In my personal experience, the map "It Lives" from Gambini - to give just an example - pushed me to go further.

CGS : Do you still touch Build/Mapster?
David B. : Yes, but from now on I will spend less time on it. A new map has been started since then, but I paused.

CGS : Are you playing any DN3D maps these days?
David B. : From time to time. I played recently the remake of Red1 (2013).

CGS : What's your favourite map of all time?
David B. : There are several. I'll give two great titles : "It lives" and "The Wall"

CGS : What are your opinion about the HRP and Polymer projects?
David B. : H.R.P. projects are an excellent initiative that contribute to give a second life to the game. The new textures are really appreciable. No need to tell I'm still waiting for more HRP maps. This is what incited me to resume mapping, not mentionning the design you can make with that. On the other hand, the Polymer is heavy and looks too much "siliconized" in my opinion. This also I consider rather like a path of exploration.

CGS : What other games do you fancy?
David B. : The Assassin's Creed saga. I'm not playing FPS that much now.

CGS : Finally, is it something you'd like to say to the DN3D community?
David B. : Keep going further, give the game a long life. The engine allows us to create a lot of things, even customised games and I have played incredible maps. Thanks for sharing !

Best map:


Mill Town Rampage

Released: 2013-07-08
Score: 98
Mode: SP
Review: Mill Town Rampage

Latest map:


Mill Town Rampage

Released: 2013-07-08
Score: 98
Mode: SP
Review: Mill Town Rampage

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